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Tracky Dax
Distinctive Sounds With That Extra Pinch of Funk

Direct from the inner city underground Tracky Dax have delivered a new breed of catchy future funk.

Tam Morris: Keys, Vocals
Ivan Jordan: Drums
Vanessa: Vocals

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Tracky Dax
'Watch The One'
Catalogue Number SIL013

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After their first musical outing Tracky Dax could’ve been arrested for 'Crimes of Fashion'.

Three years and a lot of global unease later the Dax have returned with more than a fashion faux pas to get them into hot water.
There is a darker tinge running through the weave of the new Dax.

'Watch the One' is a response to the post 9-11 Bush world we all find ourselves in. The whimsy is still there in the music, the difference with this album is that it taps a broader emotional focus.

Tracky Dax have been as brave as ever with the approach they’ve taken to musical style, soaring effortlessly between genres. Tracks such as ‘Moonshine’ will have the cool crowd struggling for a definition to add to the growing list of sub-genre wankery. Despite the bleak nature of this sweet swingin’ sphere we live on, ‘Watch the One’ remains hopeful.
Why ‘Watch the One’? Is it warning us to keep an eye on imperialist America where power given to one man is our biggest peril? Does it lament the impossible flow of digital information that will spin out of control if we don’t monitor all those ones and zeros? Or is it just 1 2 3 4 ... 1 that James Brown said makes the music funky? Possibly. Tracky Dax just hope the album will rekindle your faith in the music industry and in humanity.

‘Watch the One’ is the one to watch.

Tracks from ‘Watch The One’ received loads of airplay on Triple J, FBi & 2SER including the first single “Lewinski”. "Light" has been licensed to ABC Music, Vitamin, Pulse Radio.

Track Listing:

  1. 01
  2. Light
  3. Troubled Lives
  4. Lewinski
  5. Happiness
  6. Back from Blue
  7. Love Ya
  8. Miniscule
  9. Moonshine
  10. World Wide Web
  11. Frame
  12. The Trip

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Tracky Dax
Catalogue Number SIL005

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"If you wanna dig what we play, then just pretend we're a DJ."

Tracky Dax put the fun and funk back into Australian music. They have performed live on Pepsi Live and Channel V's 'By Demand.'
'DJ' is the first single from their critically acclaimed debut LP 'Crimes of Fashion'.
Features remixes by Justin Shave (Etherfox, [Love] Tattoo) as well as the bonus track 'Tom Jones'.
Added to Triple J high rotation.

As performed on 'Pepsi Live'.

Track Listing:

  1. DJ (Radio Edit)
  2. DJ (Justin Shave Radio Edit)
  3. Tom Jones
  4. DJ (Justin Shave Extended Mix)
  5. DJ (Album Version)

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Tracky Dax
'Crimes of Fashion'
Catalogue Number SIL003

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Quirky lyrics, Funky electro beats and killer riffs dominate this addictive release. Tracky Dax has put the fun and funk back into Australian music.

Recorded live-to-tape at BigJesusBurger, the trio of Tam, Al and Ivan approached their recording sessions determined to use the classic instruments and sounds of the seventies and mix them with the electro trends of today.

The distinctive sounds of the Rhodes Electric Piano, Vocoder and Disco Percussion feature to provide that extra pinch of Funk.

As performed on 'Pepsi Live'.

Track Listing:

  1. Wabba
  2. DJ
  3. Stevie
  4. Sunshine
  5. Tracky Dax
  6. Buddha Child
  7. Sodium
  8. A.S.S
  9. Lee Hero
  10. Trash

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What the media have to say...

'Watch The One':

"Watch the One swings wildly between drum n' bass, soul, dub and disco... but does it with style and substance."
(3D World)
"This album is not only clever in its execution of cheek, the quality of music is sexy and beautiful - the way soulful funk should be. Well done on taking such a risk without losing sight of the music."
( - 4 star review)
"Those Sydney Tracky Dax boys are off again with their super-smooth brand of tounge-in-cheek super-funk. Smart and funny - and eminently danceable."
(The Weekend Australian)
"An album that both shows musical intelligence and amazing sound quality, being recorded in their own home studio, showcasing a stripped back line up and new direction."
(The Brag)
"Very cool indeed"
(Beat Mag)
"Funky-arsed larrikins Tracky Dax may have downsized for the new album 'Watch the One', but in doing so they also dig deeper into the crevice where political shit lurks. No longer 'crimes of fashion', it's new transgressions getting a fingering now. Still having fun, TD blow some fresh musical rasberries."
(Drum Media)
"The rich depth of this first single 'Lewinski' will surely make it a radio favourite."
"Tracky Dax have grown, tightening their sound. 'Watch the One' is a diverse album of peverse beats with a classy edge."
"The perfect ingredient to accompany acid punch in getting the party started right!"
"With their insightful writing, musical experimentation and electronic additions, Tracky Dax have produced a gem of an album that will reward multiple listenings."
(Crema Magazine)

'Crimes of Fashion':

"The production is superb, the sense of humour acute. Functional and mechanically funky, it does what it is supposed to do. Brilliant!"
(Rolling Stone)
"There is no doubt that this is an infectious recording with loads og boogie laden fun."
(Drum Media)
"Sophisticated without being pompous, Tracky Dax is set to soar."
(Elle Magazine)
"There's a touch of lounge combined with a deep funk feel, sprayed with a lot of carefree vibes and great lyrics."
(DNA Magazine)
"This Sydney trio is shifty, snappy and funky, and the sound is crisp and digital, but with plenty of swing in the beats and humour in the vocals."
(Who Weekly)
"How absolutely refreshing."
(Dylan Lewis, host of Pepsi Live)
"Smart and quirky low-cal dance music."
(4 Star Review, Ralph Magazine)
"It's a good sign for the state of local funk, Tracky Dax have found the sound of Australian soul."
(Juice Magazine)
"Displaying precocity and self-knowledge, Tracky Dax bravely fuse clever lyrical irreverence with cool and catchy funk grooves. A perfect mood-lifter."
(4 star review, SMH)

"Tongue-in-cheek, quite brilliant."
"So much dance music seems deviod of life. Tracky Dax however, are not like that at all."
(Rolling Stone)
"Anyone who's ever been to the love seat parties will attest to the mighty grandeur of Tracky Dax. Theirs are true dope beats driving everyone in attendance into a frenzy of disco transmission. This is the bona fide funk for the finest people. My clothes are off - it's too hot in here! I crown you, all three of you - "ELVIS!" Buy this now! Buy it for your momma and your sista and your bros and your flatties ... so good. How do they do it? Can we play it again?."
(Single of the week - Revolver Magazine)
"Damn clever, and I like the fact the very people it is extracting the piss from will probably champion it. The remixes will fill dancefloors of various kinds. Very funky, Mumma, as they say."
(Drum Media)
"DJ promises to have even the most conservative of wallflowers busting killer moves. Cruisy electro-pop with a retro edge that takes Jamiroquai on a run for his money, DJ is a testament not only to the band's crafty musical arrangements but to their subtle humour which pervade the album. Already receiving JJJ airplay and with an accompanying video now at television, DJ is set to explode when the Dax hit stages in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the coming months."
(The Music Network)

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