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Not Music by Accident

The members of PROP are all music graduates - this is not music by accident! Featuring vibraphone, marimba, keyboards, bass and drums, Prop's sound features cutting edge excursions into soundscapes of Post-Rave dub, minimal texture, atmospherics and electro groove.

Julian Hamilton: Keyboards
Jeremy Barnett: Marimba
Kim Moyes: Vibraphone
David Symes: Bass
Jared Underwood: Drum Kit

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'Cook Cut Damage Destroy'
Catalogue Number SIL011

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Prop's groundbreaking debut album 'Small Craft Rough Sea' finds new breath in musical kitchens of Stereolab, Burnt Friedman, Mice Parade, Paul Mac & Dirty Cub, Telemetry Orchestra, PNAU, The Presets, Decoder Ring and many more. The results are true sonic explorations into the heart of the original tracks.

Over a year in the making, this album is more than just a collection of remixes... it's a diverse, yet cohesive collection of collaborative electronica. The album features the fusion of Prop's marimba and vibraphone section with cut up electronica and dubbed out glitchy rhythms, experimental looping and for the first time in prop's life... vocals.

Cook cut damage destroy was created by the group sending out the original tracks to bands and producers whose music they enjoy. The results stand alone as a one of those must have electronica albums of the year. It was a Feature Album on Triple J and 'Blood Bubbles' featured on the Jeans West TV Ad Campaign.

Track Listing:

  1. Can't Be Sirius (Sirius Remix by Someone)
  2. Statice (Mount Zero Remix by Stereolab)
  3. Infinite Re-Chauffe (Landing Remix by Mako)
  4. Big Reply (Portal Remix by Telemetry Orchestra)
  5. First We Kill Them Then We ... (Care for Them Remix by Pivot)
  6. Erste Landung (Landing Remix by Burnt Friedman)
  7. Blood Bubbles (Magnetic Highway Remix by The Presets)
  8. Bermuda Portaloo (Portal Remix by Paulmac & Dirty Cub)
  9. Low Life (Low Remix by Oren Ambarchi)
  10. Dada (Magnetic Highway Remix by Pnau)
  11. Camp David (Pilot Error Remix by Decoder Ring)
  12. What Is It You Can't Face?
  13. Syndro (Solo Trip remix by Band of Five Names)
  14. Free From The Shark (Remora Remix by Mice Parade)

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'Small Craft, Rough Sea'
Catalogue Number SIL001

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This is a very exciting debut album from one of Australia’s most sought after live instrumental acts. Prop’s music is unique for Australia and indeed the musical world. PROP have shared stages with the cream of Australia’s elite as well as international artists ‘Tortoise’, ‘Sonic Youth’ and ‘Will Oldham’.

Track Listing:

  1. Nebula
  2. Landing
  3. Mount Zero
  4. Care For Them
  5. Solo Trip
  6. Pilot Error
  7. Low
  8. Magnetic Highway / Remora
  9. Portal
  10. Sirius

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What the media have to say...

'Cook Cut Damage Destroy'

"If I only get to recommend three releases this year, this is certainly one that your collection is in dire need of, from start to finish this album is sheer beauty."
"If possible, almost as beautiful as their original Small Craft Rough Sea LP."
(Drum Media)
"CD of the week"
"One of them must have electronica albums of the year."
(Australian Music Online)
"These interpretations continue the band's quest for beautiful music without detracting from their signature sound."
(4 Star review, SMH)
"Re-mixes can be seriously risky affairs but Cook Cut Damage Destroy has all the qualities of the original it is crafted from. A standout release of 2003."
(Courier Mail)
"Yet another gem from the folks at Silent Recordings."
'Small Craft Rough Sea'

“A genuinely satisfying sonic experience”

“Pick of the Week – essentially a fabulous album”
3D World

“Our pick for Australian album of the year”
Melbourne Monthly

"Prop brilliantly blur the boundaries between jazz, rock and electronics. Maybe this is what the experts call post-rock. Original Stuff!"
(4 star review, Rolling Stone Magazine)
"With hypnotic soundscapes drifting towards Tortoise, less is more when you have Props' subtlety."
(Juice Magazine)
“A compelling musical journey through a variety of instrumental soundscapes”
City Weekly
“The craftiness of each undulating composition encourages a new appreciation”
“Savour each unexpected turn, ear bending chordal shift & adept musicianship”
Drum Media
“The Hypnotic chiming of vibraphone and marimba seem to suggest there are no limits; their resonating ambience echoing out sound waves that reflect the music’s latitude”
Drum Media
“The perfect accompaniment to a space travel documentary”
Paris Pompour – Club
“ Prop’s ethos is to take heartbreakingly simple arrangements and gently build them into an orchestra of dreams”
Australian Style.
“ Prop’s music is slippery and difficult to pigeonhole… but so what? It’s an aural feast”
“They’re mesmerising…their skill in controlling the reigns on suspense are most intriguing”
“ Fluid and driven with unusually timed oceanic swells and taunting threatened disintegrations”
Sydney Morning Herald

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