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This edition of Undercover Radio features a selection of songs from our most recent Rouseabout Records releases ‘Before the Boomerang Came Back – Musical Aboriginalia (1949-1962)’ & Johnny Wade’s ‘Hawaiian Crooner’ two volume collection. Both titles are part of our Reissue Projects compiled by internationally recognized heritage sound archivist Michael Alexandratos. Also in the mix are John Munro (Spotify only), Michael Fix, Robyn Archer, Gary Shearston (Spotify only), Roger Knox, Smoky Dawson (Spotify only), Buddy Williams and The Scrum. We finish on an electronic tip with Yep! Records offerings old & new from Southend, Spaceniks and PNAU on remix duties for Jenny Morris.



The 1960s and 70s saw folk music as one of the country’s most popular music forms. Folk clubs, festivals, record albums, radio and television programs celebrated old ballads and newly written songs in the folk style. Television hadn’t stolen our minds, and songs, particularly ‘story songs’, played a far more vital role in entertainment. Folk music was and still is different from other forms of music, for it is deeply rooted in tradition and generally created as part of a rolling culture rather than being ‘designed’ for a particular market and/or the cash register.

Australia was booming in the 60s and 70s. WW2 had been banished from our minds (although many of us were dismayed by increasing international warmongering). We were feeling free, released from the old norms of austerity, exploring new ideas in everything from religion to sex. The songs reflected our changing society.

Rouseabout’s new series will celebrate some of the most important artists of the time. Drawn mostly from private recordings, particularly live performances or limited releases on small indie labels, the series will ensure these unique artists remain available as a reminder of their musical contributions.

The recordings in the series will be ‘cleaned up’ to eliminate noise; however, being live recordings, some inevitable bumps and squeaks remain to remind us of the live music atmosphere. The series will be released digitally. Notes to the recordings will appear on the Artist pages of Undercover Music.

The first two releases in the series feature COLIN DRYDEN

CATCH A FALLING STAR is a collection of original and traditional songs, including Colin’s compositions Factory Lad’, ‘Sitha’ and his evocative interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s ‘Ballad of Reading Gaol’. There are also some classic folk songs, including ‘’Scarborough Fair’ and a haunting song about the disappearance of Lord Franklin, ex-Governor of Tasmania, whose expedition disappeared in the Arctic in 1845. One of the standout contemporary songs is Sydney Carter’s ‘Silver in the Stubble’. On the album, Colin plays guitar, fiddle and concertina and is joined on several tracks by Dave Brannigan.

ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS is a collection of blues, rags, gospel and jazz songs - all given the special treatment Colin was renowned for delivering. There are also two songs by Bob Dylan. As a bonus, there is another version of ‘Lord Franklin’. Colin was an exceptionally talented guitar player and his versions of blues and jazz standards are riveting. ‘Down by the Riverside’, ‘Candyman’, ‘Dink’s Song’ and ‘St James Infirmary Blues’ all offer that special ‘live’ magic. Dave Brannigan also appears on several of the tracks.

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Eric Bogle


Undercover Music Australia, the independent label group led by ex Larrikin Records founder (and, later, Festival Mushroom Deputy MD) celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year with the release of a new album from Eric Bogle. 

Warren Fahey comments, “Eric and I have been working together since the release of his first album, ’Now I’m Easy’, in 1980. After forty-two years, and many albums and compilations later, he never ceases to surprise me with the quality of his songs. He is a masterful poet with a unique skill for gathering the right musical partnerships to carry his songs down through the years. This new collection ‘The Source of Light’ is no different in that it offers insightful songs and evocative arrangements of songs which will stand the test of time. It is also a timely release because 2022 also marks the 50th anniversary of two of his most-lauded songs, ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ and ‘Now I’m Easy’.” 

The Eric Bogle Band will tour nationally throughout 2022.

Undercover’s Rouseabout Records are distributed by MGM.

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