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Russell Morris

Russell Morris is one of Australia's most enduring singers. A major pop star in the late sixties, he went on to become one the countries first singer/songwriters.

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Russell Morris
'The Real Thing'
Catalogue Number RRR34

This amazing compilation brings together all of Russell’s major songs from several albums and boy does it sound good! Great CD booklet notes documenting where the songs came from and the remarkable career of one of our most enduring performers. This double CD contains almost forty songs

'The Real Thing' is the first major retrospective of Russell Morris. It has extensive booklet notes by Alan Howe and the nationally syndicated Russell Morris story by Bryan Patterson as featured by News Ltd Sunday newspapers plus rare photographs.It also includes the complete Bloodstone album which has never been available on CD!

Track Listing:

CD 1:

  1. Hide and Seek (Somebody's Image)
  2. Only A Matter Of Time
  3. The Real Thing
  4. Part Three Into Paper Walls
  5. The Girl That I Love
  6. Rachel
  7. Live With Friends
  8. Alcohol Farm
  9. O Helley
  10. Jail Jonah's Daughter
  11. Saints and Sinners
  12. Our Hero Is Dead
  13. Heaven Shines
  14. The Cell
  15. The Gambler's Lament
  16. Goodbye
  17. Ride Your Chariot
  18. Lay In The Graveyard
  19. Sweet Sweet Love

CD 2:

  1. The Wings Of An Eagle
  2. Blue Eyed Girl
  3. Don't Rock The Boat
  4. I Remember When
  5. Broken Egg Shells
  6. Running Jumping Standing Still (R.J.S.S)
  7. Cloudy Day
  8. Thunder Ground
  9. Hush
  10. In The Heat Of The Night
  11. The Roar Of The Wild Torpedoes
  12. Hot Love
  13. Doctor In The House
  14. A Thousand Suns
  15. Tartan Lines
  16. Stay With You
  17. One Star
  18. If This Is Love
  19. After The Goldrush

Here's what the media have to say...

"In short, a long wait is over - Album of the year ...... 5 stars."
(Pete Best, Sunday Herald Sun)

Read the entire review here in PDF format.