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Purveyors of Fine Music...

Telemetry Orchestra are Steve Scott, Gavin Angus-Leppan and Charlotte Whittingham. Their new album is EMPIRE.
Telemetry Orchestra make “ingenious mind-melting electro-folk, with a tough, rootsy bedrock” (Ministry Mag). The band is well known to dance and indie audiences through their two previous albums Live Better Electrically & Children Stay Free, numerous compilation appearances and solid alternative radio airplay. The T.O has a strong following on the east coast live scene, headlining and supporting the likes of Salmonella Dub, B(if)tek, Gerling, Prop, and CODA.
With Empire, the band’s third album length excursion, Telemetry Orchestra returns from stints in the UK and the East with a bounty of inspired new tracks that combine analogue, electric and live sounds, with vocal contributions from all three members. Whilst still decked out in the plush, surprising textures and sonic detail for which they are known, the T.O enter new territories with a sound more bold and expansive than ever.

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Telemetry Orchestra
Catalogue Number SIL014

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'From the psychedelic travelogue of first single Under the Cherry Tree (which has already been added to Triple J rotation) and the jagged, synth-rock of Pinch of Distraction, to the delicate spaciousness of Miles Away, EMPIRE is rich in diversity and is sure to please fans and new comers alike. Empire is an album of sophisticated and complex pop which expands the band’s frontiers, yet still keeps the home fires burning.
Empire (SIL014) will be released August 2006 on Silent Recordings through Vitamin

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Under The Cherry Tree

Track Listing:

  1. Under The Cherry Tree
  2. A Pinch Of Distraction
  3. Flicker
  4. Hazy Elevator
  5. Miles Away
  6. Face It Now
  7. Channel 3
  8. Skeleton Key
  9. Hole In The Roof
  10. Inside (Watching)
  11. Shine
  12. Tigers In Trees
  13. Pimlico

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Under The Cherry Tree (Radio Edit)

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Hazy Elevator

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Hole In The Roof (Radio Edit)

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Flicker (Radio Edit)

Telemetry Orchestra
'Children Stay Free'
Catalogue Number SIL010

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'Children Stay Free' features masterfully mixed tracks by Jeremy Allom from Massive Attack’s ‘Blue Line’.
'Remember' received rotational airplay on JJJ, Fbi, 2SER, 3RRR, 3PBS, Bay FM, Blu FM as well as community radio nationwide and was nominated for Triple J's 'Hottest 100'. It also featured as Album of the week on 2SER.
 'Under The Knife' & 'Suburban Harmony' also featured on Triple J rotation. Tracks licensed to Ministry of Sound, Vitamin, Petrol Records, ABC Music and 'Suburban Harmony' video featured on Rage & Noise.

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Suburban Harmony

Track Listing:

  1. Suburban Harmony
  2. Remember
  3. Under The Knife
  4. Shutterspeed
  5. Modulandia
  6. Cowboy Sunshine
  7. Wish
  8. Attention
  9. Big Sunnies
  10. Cocoon
  11. Pick Pocket Venus

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Under The Knife

In the Media


"simply the finest and most enjoyable listening experience that's been my fortune to have had all year."
(Mark Barton,

"If you like lounging around, thinking creatively and going on musical trips then Telemetry Orchestra are right up your smoking jacket street. If sometimes you need a break from the hectic demands of daily life but can't afford to go anywhere exotic, then arm yourself with suitable bubble bath means and a copy of Empire to create the perfect atmospheric shortcut." (Drowned In Sound 8/10 Review)

'Empire lives in that moment at the end of a date, where you're waiting to be asked up for cofee. The night will either end civilised or potentially wild, but you currently have no idea. An edgy chill-out record, this is one for the absinthe-sipper waiting for Picasso to come and paint his blank canvas of a mind.'
(Time Off)

 'After two relatively successful albums, Sydney trio Telemetry Orchestra release an exquisitely crafted album, filled with all variants of lush psychadelic-influenced folktronica. On the first listen Empire sounds very familiar, but familiar like a friend you want to spend time with, rather than a person who hangs around in the group because they look like they fit in, no one's got enough guts to tell them to rack off. Most certainly the influences are evident. Telemetry Orchestra sound a little like a cross between Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mum, Lali Puna and the Winston Giles Orchestra. Throw in some of Lemon Jelly's earlier work and you've got the mix; chilled out music composed of multiple delicate layers. This is an album that floats in a way you can quite happily swirl about in a pleasurably lost daze for eternity.
If you haven't yet heard of Telemetry Orchestra, yet these descriptions ring the interest bells, make sure you check this album out. It's likely to be the most understatedly beautiful album an Australian act will release this year. The unfortunate aspect is that it may not receive enough attention to thrust this talented threesome into the spotlight they so deserve. The main reason is there aren't really any particular tracks that knock you out, not even the current single Under The Cherry Tree, which is receiving some triple j airplay. Yet to eveluate each song would be to miss the point. Rather Empire is a cohesively fine journey with enough sights to keep you wanting to continue making the trip to the CD player. The deeper you look the more you want it to surround you."
(Aarom Wilson, Drum Media Perth, September 2006)

"Telemetry Orchestra have discovered a way to expand your mind without the use of drugs - they call it Empire. The group's latest release is beautifully over-produced, lush and dreamy but rocking, rolling and shaking all the way. A fantastical kaleidoscope of sound, reminiscent if Gomez's more adventurous departures from strict rock & roll, but never far from the obscenely danceable rhythms of the Presets, the cuteness of Montreal or Mum's eerie electronic soundscapes. A gorgeously inspired release, worthy of no small amount of attention from anyone interested in the genre."
(Rave Mag, September 2006)

 "Telemetry Orchestra's wafting sound is a harmonious blend of indie-pop, gorgeous vocals and more electronic trimmings than your family Christmas tree. EMPIRE is worth devoting some time to, as it works on an almost subconscious level, delivering some vivid daydreams and offering something fresh on each listen."

 "Light years from the instrumental electronics of their 1998 debut, here Sydney trio Telemetry Orchestra continue developing the jangly pop of 2003's Children Stay Free. This third LP's first single, Under The Cherry Tree is an infectious opener. It has a touch of the Cocteau Twins, had that band been more sing-a-long. The male-female lead vocal partnership is nonchalantly cool across the album's trippy fuzz-electro, bustling sampled rhythms and whirlpool guitar. Think Stereolab abouard the Yellow Submarine."
(Paris Pompour, SMH Metro)

 "Telemetry Orchestra just propelled themselves toward a savvy audience, that probably easily numbers in the thousands. You can bet I'll be buying the new album now. Great music, but I would never have heard of the band without subscribing to the Channel Frederator podcast."
(Crystal King,

 "Telemetry Orchestra fit quite snugly in the neo-psychadelic niche occupied by bands like Polyphonic Spree, Mercury Rev and the Coral. They go from sounding like Eels or Death in Vegas in one song, to Stereolab and Air in the next. However, despite all this musical cross-referencing, their latest album Empire still manages to evoke a fresh, bright feeling. 'Under The Cherry Tree' kick starts the album by layering retro, etherael synth sounds and soft vocals over an energetic rhythm section. This track foreshadows the summery, laid-back atmosphere of the first half of the album, and its vibrant and luminous mood represents summer driving music at its best. Standout track 'Hazy Elevator' is a sunny pop tune reminiscent of the Eels with '60s-sounding percussion, tinkly piano and jangly guitar. This song represents Telemetry Orchestra at their most viable. Empire is a dreamy, summery album with a handful of tracks hinting at mature pop savvy."
(Base Ad)

 "Telemetry Orchestra are the only electro-folk band Groupie know of! With EMPIRE the band’s third excursion on the version, it’s like a trippy soundtrack to Alice In Wonderland. Down the rabbit hole we go with epic spine tingling soundscapes. If you like Decoder Ring or Coda, you should definitely check out the Orchestra." (Groupie Magazine)"Thanks big time for the promo copies of Telemetry Orchestra's "Empire". I'd have to say we loved the single 'Under The Cherry Tree' but having just and still listening to the complete album is a real pleasure. This certainly is an album that will take more than one listen to fully appreciate the intricate mix, one that provides the listener with a different experience each listen."
(Peter Merritt, PBS FM)

"Wow. What a great album. It's really different to the last also. We're going to make it our feature album on the Underground channel next week, as well as add it to Homegrown and a few of the songs on our Lounge channel."
(Peter Stevens, SMA)

Empire Review (PDF Format)

'Under The Cherry Tree'

"It seems that Telemetry Orchestra hasn't missed a beat while they've been away and their first tune since returning slips nicely into the electro rock bag that everone is carrying like tight jeans. The single has all the mystery and atmospheric beauty of their previous work yet is hip to the now and my guess is it's largely influenced by their experience of the English scene. It does have quite a chaotic feel to the drums and leads to the rock out and mosh feel juxtaposed on lush angelic female vocals. Underlying this is the trip hop beats that are by definition just so Telemetry."
(Drum Media)

'Children Stay Free'

"Children Stay Free" was Brag's 'CD Of The Week'
Read the Review Here.

“This isn’t your standard dance floor offering. The prevailing sound is organic. No overpro- duction. No bullshit. Definitely something to check out.”

“Wonderfully wonky and dreamy at the same time – like someone slipped a little something in your warm milk and honey before bed.”
Andrew Khedoori (2SER)Telemetry

“Deliciously lush Sunday after-noon stuff that’s going to please indie kids, valium heads and coming down ravers in equal parts.”

"Children Stay Free is terrific and we've played a couple of tracks from that."
(Richard Kingsmill, JJJ)
"An album full of marvel and sophistication. The band's inclusion of singer/songwriter Charlotte Whittingham has definitely been a plus. You could exhaust all the band comparison possibilities (Mum, Hope Sandoval, early Sneaker Pimps) but it's undeniable Telemetry Orchestra have thoroughly minted their own sound."
Juice Magazine 8/10
"The album's 11 tracks are built on melodies that defy musical gravity, with dozing bass lines and dreamy harmonies."
"A real grower from local trio Telemetry Orchestra, whose initial apparent languidness gradually reveals a perverse intensity and an otherworldly pastoral fell that's entirely beguiling, ingeniously mind-melding ethereal electro-folk with a tough, rootsy organic bedrock. An unassuming gem."
Ministry Mag
"This album is a prefect display of chill out brilliance. No crappy inane sampling from past hits, just clean, cut sounds. A must have album for all those on the look out for new material to play on high rotation."
"If you haven't already fallen under the spell of Telemetry Orchestra, this is the perfect chance to introduce yourself to this piece of glorious, intelligently gentle pop gem! It's likely to charm the shoegazers as much as the indie kids and it'll even find it's way into the dance kid's player."
"Nothing on this record seems forced or crowded. Instead restraint and taste prevail across all of 11 tracks here, suggesting even bigger things to come from these kids. Get hold of this CD as soon as you can, if not only for the sublime vocals of Charlotte Whittingham."
Lucky Mag

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