Eric Bogle
The Source of Light

Recorded in late 2021, Eric Bogle surrounded himself in the studio with some amazing talent: Emma Luker (fiddle, cello, viola, harmony vocals) arranged vocals, wrote a tune in memory of the late John Munro and designed the artwork; Peter Titchener (guitar, vocals) contributed two songs, recorded and produced the album; Damien Steele Scott (acoustic guitar, bass); Jon James (percussion); Richard Cotes (accordion, keyboards); The Sherrahs (harmony vocals); Anthony Stewart (mandolin, electric guitar) and Anthony O’Neill (tenor banjo).

Fifteen tracks:

The Old Dog’s Song
The Armageddon Waltz
The Girl in The Photo
Song For Susan
The Source of Light
If She Ever Dreamed
A Cottage in The Country
The Flag
Catching The Wave
The Border
When The Last Tree Falls
Eric’s Never Written a Song About Me
Mind The Gap / A Dear John Letter
If I Should Wake

On The Girl in The Photo: Peter Franche (accordion); Gina Jeffreys (vocals); Rod McCormack (acoustic guitar) and Mike Haynes (bass).

On Catching The Wave: guest English artists Chris While (vocals) and Julie Mathews (keyboards).

On A Cottage in The Country: The Bogle Pub Choir.

This is a remarkable collection and was recorded at a time when Eric was not in the best of health. We are very pleased to report that he is now on the mend and still performing.

Rouseabout Records is very proud of our long association with Eric (which includes the 5 album box set  Singing The Spirit Home ) and always welcomes a new album.

The Source of Light (RRR123) is available to download on iTunes or stream on Apple Music and Spotify and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

Digital release links available here.

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