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Jenny Morris
No Back Announce Needed!

Jenny Morris is one of Australia’s most consistently successful recording artists with a staggering total of over 500,000 albums sold, including multi platinum for ‘Shiver’ and Platinum for ‘Body & Soul’.

Jenny Morris is an artist with pedigree, a songwriter who has penned some of the most loved melodies and lyrics in the history of Australian pop (including 'A Break in the Weather' and 'She Has to be Loved'). And of course, she's a vocalist so compelling and distinct. Morris' voice is immediately recognised - no back announce needed.

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Jenny Morris
'Hit & Myth'
Catalogue Number YEP005

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There are three things we are happy to say about Jenny Morris. One: She's back. Two: She never went away. And the third; her most recent album is Hit & Myth. A wickedly fresh slice of funk–folk–fused melodies and powerful, compelling vocals she's known for, mixed with the beats and sounds of the pop cutting edge and a lavish lashing of strings.
“When I started this record, I was very aware that I had three songs that I thought were really strong singles and I had another ten that I thought were really strong album songs. So I got to do something you normally don’t get to do, plan the album as an album. Rather than have a bunch of songs and hope some of them would be singles, this album is a complete project. I really wanted to make it a piece as a whole.”
It’s something that makes Morris optimistic about music, that people still want quality and credibility. “The thing about pop music, is the powers that be make it into something incredibly disposable.” she says. “From that point of view, why would an artist want to spend all that time on the other songs on the album because if you don’t get a hit single, where does that leave you? It’s hard for people who go down that road and it’s kind of scary for everyone involved in a project to concentrate on the album as such because that might preclude you from the single exposure.
“There’s so much fear in the music industry at the moment. It’s become about everything other than the music. It’s about advertising and it’s about the film clip and nothing to do with longevity or creativity or intelligence or integrity. There’s always been commercialism and disposability in pop music, but I think there is more to it and I think more credit should be given to people who are not being driven by the more superficial aspects of it.”
Enter, Ms Morris with a bunch of musicians in tow and an album under her arm. Teaming with Yep! Music, Morris went into the studio with co-producer Nick Wales (CODA), and worked in an inspirationally kinetic way alongside classical musicians (Renaissance Players, Winsome Evans) and pop (David Lane, Jodi Phyllis – ex The Clouds) and jazz (PROP). “I had people playing on the album from different backgrounds– classical musicians, programmers, jazz musicians, pop. The songs have been crafted so long and so hard, they’re not throw away but they’re not inaccessible. It’s lush, lots of strings beautifully arranged and then groove and beats and really modern sounds and classical guitars as well. It’s a collage of all my influences really.
There is a song written by Neil Finn, a ballad called Guiding Star. It’s a love song.“And another song came when Nick Wales (who co-produced the album) and I got to the recording studio one day and I said, “What’s wrong with you?” He said his grandmother had died that night and it was really sad because he was very close to her. Then two hours later I got a call on my mobile saying that my aunty had died. I was very close to her. It was very unexpected so I wrote a song called Reflection inspired by that day. “The songs are inspired, I suppose by life, really.”
And life now for Jenny Morris? Inspired, fresh and exciting. She’s not starting over. But she’s certainly starting a new chapter.“It’s very interesting,” she says with a smile, “…because this time I don’t have a huge record company behind me and I know there’s not going to be a $100,000 film clip behind me. We are very budget aware and that’s quite an interesting place to be at your sixth album. But at the same time, really good. “I’ve done two of my vocals in the toilet. It’s the best-sounding toilet I’ve ever sung in. The natural reverb is great. We had this beautiful microphone in there though. Coming from a family of seven, you don’t get precious about that stuff. “And we didn’t have the catering. It was very hands-on. But that puts the focus back on the music.“It’s like, you know the reason you’re in that bloody toilet is because you’re singing a bloody vocal and you better make it good.”Now, that’s real!

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Track Listing:

  1. Downtime
  2. Home
  3. Killer Man
  4. I Climb High
  5. Into The Water
  6. The Blacksmith
  7. It’s Happened Again
  8. Dressing Gown
  9. Guiding Star
  10. The Sculptor
  11. Wailing Wall

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Dressing Gown

Jenny Morris
Catalogue Number YEP003

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Multi-award winning artist Jenny Morris encapsulates the feeling of a city view and cool summer breeze in Downtime.

This laid back groove and smooth vocal shows the progression of an artist who is truly able to make music an artform. Jenny Morris has long been regarded as one of Australia’s finest recording artists. She has a solid history of hit singles and a myriad of platinum albums under her belt, including the triple platinum smash Shiver and back-to-back ARIA’s for Female Vocalist of the Year.

In a word Downtime gives you the feeling of an artist inspired. The song, Jenny describes as “Basically my reaction to living in the city. I spend so much of my time being late and driving like a mad person to be somewhere on time, waking up in the middle of the night thinking oh my god, I haven’t done that. You can’t live your life like that. But we do. So this song is really about chilling out.”

Downtime was co-produced with Nick Wales (CODA) and is from Hit & Myth album. This is the first album Jenny Morris has recorded in six years and is the culmination of her vision to produce an album on her own terms. After finishing a run of sell out dates across the country Jenny took time out to film the clip for Downtime at the lavish Civic Hotel in Sydney.

The clip not only features Jenny but some of the cream of the Australian entertainment industry who have all come out to support the single, including Bryan Brown and Hugo Weaving. Downtime is one of those rare songs that helps us remember why we started loving music in the first place. A cool combination of lounge guitar underlaid with Latin beats and disco strings. And as for the vocals, well it’s that unmistakable Jenny Morris voice.

Need I say more?

Track Listing:

  1. Downtime
  2. Downtime (Kismet Remix)
  3. Downtime (Pnau Remix)
  4. The Sculptor

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The Sculptor

Jenny Morris
'Downtime Remixed'
Catalogue Number YEP003R

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‘Downtime Remixed’ features remixes by SGT Slick and ARIA awarding dance producers, PNAU. You’re already danced to these remixes in the club, now you can dance to them at home!!!‘

Dressing Gown’ – The latest CD Pro single from the critically acclaimed ‘Hit & Myth’. Featuring musician’s from Coda and Prop, as well as Mike Caen on guitars and Sunil de Silva on percussion. ‘Dressing Gown’ is a fresh sound for chilled out evenings and tailor made for A/C radio formats. Jenny’s latest album ‘Hit & Myth’ blends her lush vocal style with rich sonic adventures. This has been well worth the wait.

Track Listing:

  1. Downtime (Sgt Slick Edit)
  2. Downtime (Pnau Mix)
  3. Downtime (Kismet Mix)
  4. Downtime (Sgt Slick Remix)
  5. Downtime (Original)

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Downtime (Sgt Slick Remix)

Jenny Morris
Catalogue Number YEP001

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Psst... Wanna hear a story about a woman in control? Jenny Morris is back with her first single in six years. Titled ‘Home’, it’s fully her vision, done completely on her terms and with a bunch of people firmly, enthusiastically in her corner.

What more could a singer who has made a point of expressing herself with the minimum of compromise want?

Well, a hit would be good. And with Home’s instantly accessible, instantly-recognisable-as-Jenny-Morris vibe, it’s killer melody and kicker lyrics – not to mention Morris’s history of scoring hits – there’s every chance it’s going to be one.

“The song is about communication,” says Morris. “I won’t tell you what motivated me to write it because I think that colours the way people listen to it. It’s great if listeners have the freedom to put their own slant; to find the place where they like."

“But I can tell you, the song’s basic sentiment is: everything is going to be all right. It’s about people going off, doing their own thing but in the end, keeping the important things in their heads.”

Since Morris’ last album, Salvation Jane was universally lauded by critics, the singer, who in the history of Australian pop is undeniably one of the most popular female artists, has been taking care of family. “Family has always been my priority,” she says. “But I never stopped writing songs. Never stopped the music. It’s just something I have to do. So this single is not a new idea for me. I was always going to record again. It was just finding the right combination of conditions for it. This year I happened to find a great opportunity, a great new home for my music."

That new home is Yep! Records. The label has let Morris extend her much-proven creativity, giving her wings to bring her new material to flight. It’s an exciting time for both Morris and Yep!

“I’m really confident but at the same time nervous,” says Morris. “But nervousness is good. It means I’m really putting something of myself out there so yeah, it’s a good sign.”
Morris has used a combination of live rhythm tracks and programming to achieve her new sound. She’s also used her gut instinct – and is pleased to say, her co-producer Nick Wales and team at Yep! have let her do so.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m a woman,” she says, “but I have found that some people I have worked with have forgotten that it’s my record, and the artistic altercations I’ve had are because I have to atone for that record. I need to feel like it’s representative of me and not someone else. “You do find yourself fighting for your beliefs some of the time.“
"And there’s the thing: I don’t want to grow a pair of testicles to have my opinion listened to and to be taken seriously. Apart from the fact that it would be impossible, I just don’t want to have to go through that."

“Fortunately, with my new record company it hasn’t been an issue. I’ve been able to concentrate purely on making the music the best possible. I’m really proud of Home and my new songs because they are the product of such an exciting set of circumstances.”
Woman in control indeed.

Home’, the first single from the 'Hit & Myth' written by Jenny Morris and Steve Balbi. Recorded at BigJesusBurger with a big friendly radio sound.‘Home’ features lush musical arrangements with guest artists Stu Hunter (Keyboards), Mike Cahn (guitars), Jarad Underwood (drums/percussion), Dave Symes (bass), Senil da Silva (percussion) and Coda (strings). Co-produced by Nick Wales and Jenny Morris. Jenny Morris is fresh from the sell-out national ‘Tapestry’ (Carole King Tribute) concert tour.

‘Home’ was launched on the Channel 9 Today Show on October 31st 2002. Jenny also featured at Woodford Festival 2002 and the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2002. She previously toured with INXS and Paul McCartney, was several times Australian Female Artist of the Year for the ARIA awards and featured on the 2001 Aria awards ceremony.

Track Listing:

  1. Home (Radio Edit)
  2. Home (Emile Remix)
  3. Home (Karaoke Mix)

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Home (Karaoke Mix)

What the media have to say...

'Hit & Myth'

"Far from disposable, Hit & Myth, is a beautiful, melodic and sweetly introspective album swathed in minor chord progressions and showcasing both Morris' elegant breathy vocals and the delicate production skills of CODA's Nick Wales. From the cascading second single, Downtime, to the clean grooves of Killer Man, this is an album which becomes more interesting with every listen."


"Essentially a pop song but with twists of jazz and world infuences. An array of instruments lend their character to Downtime, from eccentric string melodies to Cuban/South American percussion and flamenco guitar, while Morris confidently enacts a feel-good lyrical flow about the virtues of chilling out! AC radio will welcome."
(The Music Network)


See the Sun Herald Review of Jenny's Downtime Video featuring Hugo Weaving... Video to come soon!

'Downtime Remixed'

“A perfect marriage of those Jenny Morris honeyed vocals and the electronica and acoustica of today.”
Sun Telegraph

"Hit & Myth is a beautifully melodic and sweetly introspective album swathed in minor chord progressions and showcasing both Morris’ elegant breathy vocals and the delicious production skills of Coda’s Nick Wales. From the cascading first single ‘Downtime’, to the clear grooves of Killer Man,this is an album which becomes more interesting with every listen.”
Zoltan Zavos, Revolver

“Morris’s Hit & Myth is full of ideas. There’s a real energy behind the songs, a reflection, you suspect, of six years just listening to other music. Morris is relaxed enough to let things be whatever they want to be.”
Bernard Zuel, SMH

 "Pretty much this kitten uses an older sound with sexy vocals that drag you to the weekend like the Sirens of club mythology."


"Looking and sounding better than ever, Jenny Morris returns to her recording career this week after devoting the past five years to raising her young children. Morris has been writing with some of Australia's hottest up-and-coming musicians and has been signed to Yep! Records. Her first single Home, is set to shock the local industry, showcasing a different sound for one of Australia's most successful female artists."
(Kathy McCabe, Sunday Telegraph)
"It might have been a while between drinks, but this Australian songstress has certainly lost none of her charm. The characteristics that defined her early work are here at full strength, her distinctive, flawless vocals driving an organic musical bed of guitars, simple rhythms and silky bass grooves. AC and gentle CHR formats will be quick to flag their support."
(The Music Network)
"Jenny's back, and not merely resting on past laurels. This ambient pop outing finds her in a gentler vocal mood, ably supported by a lush orchestration. A welcome return."
(SX Magazine)

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