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A Sydney duo made of equal parts cloak and daggers, smoke and mirrors, menace and mystery, sounditout make magic out of mushrooms and conjure dance from the dead with an inspired take on modern machine music.

Jason King and Jeremy Green have been carving the sounditout sonic niche for around two years and have distilled that niche into the form of an electric 6 track self-titled EP, set for a March 20 release on Undercover Music’s Yep! Records through MGM Distribution.

Die Young Tonight opens the EP, taking proto-industrial textures and welding them to a galley of future-pop vocal hooks, while Distraction takes a shifting rhythm, throbbing bassline and tense build into a breakdown of titanic proportions before blowing wide open into an exhilarating, jacking, technopop chorus.

Control is a queasy futuristic-lullaby made from haunting atmospherics and a power struggle, while Circumstance does nothing to subvert the anxious, foreboding air over the entire EP, with Green’s regal, compelling vocal darting around King’s bold, dark synth lines and cold atmospherics. The Russian closes out the EP and weaves a tale of gallant curiosity atop a bed of robo-refrains and paranoid spacedance.

Staking out the ghosts in the machines and exorcising their fiendish hum, sounditout have crafted a sound that’s distinct, melodic and twisted, but undoubtedly their own. But ultimately, sounditout are here to make you dance, and that they will, even if you do it with one eye over your shoulder.

More Information:   Artist MySpace | Artist Website

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'The Russian' EP
Catalogue Number YEP011P2


‘The Russian’ is the second single lifted from sounditout’s self-titled debut EP.

Features a bonus sounditout remix plus Jon George’s remix of ‘Die Young Tonight’.

Watch 'The Russian' video on the sounditout YouTube channel.

Track Listing:

  1. The Russian (Radio Edit)
  2. The Russian (sounditout Remix)
  3. Die Young Tonight (Jon George Remix)

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The Russian (Radio Edit)

'sounditout' EP
Catalogue Number YEP011


sounditout are set to make a huge splash on the local electro scene with their self-titled debut EP.

Crunching beats, thumping bass lines, a mix of observational lyrics and a sonic aesthetic, which aims to capture moments and twist and contort till unrecognizable, sounditout have managed to forge an original sound and are taking it to the people.

Brace yourselves...

Track Listing:

  1. Die Young Tonight
  2. Distraction
  3. Control
  4. Circumstance
  5. noitome
  6. The Russian

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Die Young Tonight

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Here's what the media have to say...

In the mould of The Presets, these boys are a serious force to be reckoned with.   3D World

Looking at the CD cover of Sydney duo Sounditout‘s debut EP you would expect their tunes to be dark and alternative much like their rather macabre album design. But listening to their opening track “Die Young Tonight” you will be pleasantly surprised to hear a very fresh and futuristic electro tune. They sound a bit like 30!H3 except they add their own sharp and distinctive vibe to the rock-dance sensation that is sweeping the globe at the moment. For an EP, Sounditout is ground breaking. After two-years together, Jason King and Jeremy Green have produced six very strong songs, each exquisitely crafted and hauntingly melodic. “Distraction” is one of the EP's bests. Transcending your typical mindless dance tune, “Distraction” layers a pumping electro beat with an electric bassline and addictive lyrics that are stuck in your head hours’ after the song's finished. “Control” is an altogether darker track with some thrilling synth licks and deep and angry vocals. “Circumstance” is also a bold and pulsating masterpiece that can be best described as the musical version of a haunted house. Fitted with an 80's retro vibe, “Circumstance” packs a definite punch with its quirky and funky melody. The last track on sounditout continues the same spectacular standard set by all of the EP's other songs. “The Russian” opens with an ear-splitting ring before exploding into an exhilarating melody with a very, very hard bassline. The perfect dance floor anthem, “The Russian” is body-rocking, while still sporting a seriously dark depth that separates it from anything else you'd expect to hear on a Saturday night out. Sounditout are in one word brilliant. Their EP is cool and unconventional and their sound is something we've never heard before.   Elisa Scarton, Mediasearch

My pick for Dance release of the month for sure. The tracks on the self titles EP are amazingly high in quality and production and include some ripping vocals to add to the pounding bass and destructive techno groove. This is the album you will put on and impress all your mates with just how up to date you are with the latest tracks.    Stephen Lane, The Place, July 2009

Australia is blessed with a number of electropop male duos and another has arisen in the form of sounditout. Their self-titled EP is a fantasy of shifting moods and rhythms.   BMA Mag

"Overblown, glammed-up electro-rock to challenge The Presets. They’ve certainly got the synthetic wall-of-sound down pat: the multi-layered synth throbs and squeals of opener ‘Die Young Tonight’ sound impressively thick and loud."   Tim Finney, Inpress

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