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Strella Wilson
'A Song For You And Me'
Catalogue Number RRH18

This internationally famous soprano became the most celebrated singer of the early days, mostly 1950's, on ABC radio. A wonderful clear voice that shows why she was our 'fireside favorite'. Extensive notes by Peter Unbar Hall. Includes many popular operetta and stage musical songs with full accompaniment.

Track Listing:

  1. Maidens of Cadiz
  2. Why
  3. Song of Love ('Flame of Desire')
  4. Waltz Song ('The Land of Smiles')
  5. Some Day ('The Vagabond King')
  6. Paradise In Waltz Time
  7. Prison Scene ('Faust')
  8. A Song For You And Me
  9. Summer Serenade
  10. Ich Liebe Dich
  11. Farewell To Dreams
  12. Shine Through My Dreams ('Glamorous NIght')
  13. The Gypsy Bride ('The Gypsy Princess')
  14. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
  15. A Kiss In The Dark ('Orange Blossoms')
  16. Could I Be In Love?
  17. Vainement. Ma Bien-Aimee ('Le Roi d’Ys')
  18. Nun’s Chorus ('Casanova')
  19. Songs My Mother Taught Me
  20. Musetta’s Waltz Song ('La Boheme')
  21. Musetta’s Waltz Song ('La Boheme')
  22. Black Eyes ('Occhi Neri')