Out and About in the Undercover Music World...

The Undercover community is a busy place to be. Thanks to everyone for being a part of the experience.

This page brings a mixed bag of gig photography, special event images and artwork from our many flyers, posters and street press.

If you have any images, we'd love to share them. Contact us here.

Eric Bogle

Sydney Folk Festival 2019

Rouseabout Records

Australia’s Folk Music Label 2018

Eric Bogle

Alive ‘n’ Pickin’ 2018 Tour Poster

The Lovetones

December 2017 tour poster.


Dead Men Talking July-August 2017 tour poster.

Jim Low

Jim Low with Jason Roweth at the launch of Journeys End, The Ivanhoe Hotel, Blackheath, April 2016.

Roger Knox

Buried Country, Sydney Tour Poster.

Telemetry Orchestra

April 2015 Gig Poster

CODA Reunites

Summer Playground


Booked Out

Gary Shearston

Glenn Holmes’ Gary Shearston  illustration

Projekt Inertia

We Believe In Now Cover Art

Koori Classics

Check out the re-issue Koori Classic. Here's a picture of the original master tape coming off the production line back in the 'eighties.

Eric Bogle

Ladies and gentlemen... Mr Eric Bogle!

Fiddlers Feast

Fiddlers Feast Gig Flyer


souditout playing live at their July Launch

Picture this...

Posters are a way of life for music - here's a sample of what's out there.

The Lovetones Gig Poster

Creedence Clearwater Greatest Hits Tour Poster

Debut EP Poster for sounditout

Debut EP Poster for sounditout

Southend at Sunrise

The Lovetones Dimensions Launch Poster

Folk Alliance Australia 2009 Poster

The Lovetones Meditations Tour Poster.

The Lovetones with The Brian Jonestown Massacre Tour Poster

Was I There In Your Future.
A Night of Psychadelica at The Annandale Hotel


Golden Fiddlers Forte.

The Lovetones Provenance Tour Poster

National Junk Band

E-Flyer from Mic Conway's National Junk Band tour promotions

CODA, always busy...

If you haven't caught CODA live then where have you been? The CODA kids keep a busy schedule of live acts and events. Check out the gig guide for upcoming shows.

Coda, Riverbeats

Music for the Eyes: A Tribute to Norman Lindsay

Coda Peep Show

The Coda Rocket

Nick and Naomi

Nick and Naomi


Nikki, CODApendant

Music for the Eyes, promo poster. Illustration by Nobu

CODA at the Basement promo poster

CODA, at the Bandanon Show

Nick and Jarad at the CODA Peep Show

Telemetry Orchestra

Telemetry Orchestra are currently in the studio working on their new album. Band member, Steve also produces the amazing, dreamy worlds that create their sleeve artwork and promo material.

Stills from Telemetry Orchestra's 'Cherry Tree video by Animal Logic

On stage at Silent Night #2

On stage at Silent Night #2

Telemetry Orchestra:

Sleeve illustration by Steve

Promo and gig poster by Steve

CD artwork by Steve


Tracky Dax

Another multi talented band producing not only their unique brand of cool, but also album sleeve artwork and videos.

Honey I shrunk the band

Live gig promo poster

Gig and promo poster

On stage...

Lewinski sleeve artwork

Herb Superb

The ultimate party music live or recorded - check out Potsongs!

Herb accepting the award for best recorded work at the 2004 Marijuana Music Awards - and he's actually straight!

Awarded 'Best Comedy Song' for 'One Hundred Cone Billy' at the 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards.

Winner Best Comedy 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards: Herb Superb

Herb Superb 'Potsongs' promo