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+  The Celebrated Knackers & Knockers BandDirty as Buggery & Rooted in the Country
+  Eric BogleNational Tour Coming to a Close
+  Russell MorrisTour Dates
+  Telemetry OrchestraOn 'Dance Academy'
+  CODACODA + Hyundai join ‘Forces’
+  The LovetonesFeatured on ‘I Rock’ and New Album in the Pipeline
+  Saints of IndiaThe Ship is Landing at Community Radio
+  Southend‘Take Me Up’ Remixed
+  Projekt Inertia & Kym PitmanSign to AntiPod Music Publishing

This month’s edition of UCM Radio features some bawdy gems from Andre Rude & The Celebrated Knackers & Knockers Band, Eric Bogle, Russell Morris, new signing Kym Pitman, Telemetry Orchestra, CODA, The Lovetones, Saints of India & Southend.

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Eric Bogle's Small Pot (Pension Optimisation Tour) coming to a close.

Eric’s Bogle’s Small POT (Pension Optimisation Tour) is winding down. Fortunately for Australian fans it won’t be the last time he graces the stage with long time companion John Munro which is great news considering the reaction from audiences throughout this, his last extensive tour.

Anyone who was at The Basement in Sydney two days after Anzac Day and was part of the rapturous extended standing ovation Bogle and his band received at the conclusion of ‘The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ will testify to the majesty of his live performances and why Eric (a national icon) is regarded as one of Australia’s eminent singer-songwriters – it was a magic moment and one by his own admission Eric will remember for a long time.

The news is probably not so good for the rest of the globe. In an interview with ABC Sydney’s Richard Glover Eric shared the mixed emotions he felt during his last ever performance in his home town of Peebles in Scotland when the realization hit him that this would be the last time he would see the many familiar faces, friends and relatives in the flesh. His tenth & final sojourn around Europe & the UK was drawing to a close, having also recently completed his last tour of North America.
Look and listen out for Eric Bogle in Capital News, The Northern Leader, Messenger Community News, The Murray Pioneer, The Sunday Mail, JB Hi-Fi Mag, Country Update, Rhythms Magazine, Trad & Now, WA’s Irish Scene, The Border Mail, Herald Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, Blarney Bulletin, Tsunami Magazine, 2010 NFF Program, Simply Australia, ACMLA News and on 2GB, ABC Local Radio, Radio National and community radio nationwide especially 2BAY, 2OCN, 6NR, 3RRR, 2BLU, 3PVR, 2REM, 2BAB, 3INR, 4BAY, 3WYN, 2SEA, 2LVR, 2BAR, 2WET, 3SCB, 2EAR, 2RDJ, 6MKA, 1VFM, 1XXR, 2BAR, 7LTN, 4TTT, 4NSA, 4NAG, 4BCR, 3RPC, 3PBS, 3MBR, 3CH, 2CCC, 2MBS & 2MAX.

Both his 15th album The Dreamer (RRR47) and first ever DVD Live at Stonyfell Winery (RRR48) are available at retail through MGM Distribution as well as Folk Trax, Trad & Now and directly from Undercover Music via mail order. Fans can also now download the best of Bogle’s back catalogue Singing The Spirit Home which has been released online through MGM.

Tour Dates: See the Gig Guide for dates and venues (top right).

More Information:  Artist Page

Gary Shearston

Gary Shearston returned to the stage in February with two shows in Sydney as well as an amazing house concert hosted by Greg & Lynne Hudson in the Blue Mountains, staged to the backdrop of one of the most torrential downpours in the area in living memory. That didn’t stop a healthy turn out of adoring fans that were treated to a spell binding show of Shearston’s repertoire spanning a wonderful five decade career.

Gary then appeared at the Museum of Sydney as part of the Martin Sharp Artist exhibition before returning to the Harp Hotel in Tempe.

Whilst his guitar picking fingers aren’t as nimble as they once were and by his own admission his hair is a little thinner and belly a little thicker, all three shows were a resounding success and testament that there is plenty of life in him yet.

Gary debuted brand new material at the gigs and in an interview and live performance on 702 ABC Sydney’s afternoon ‘Drive’ program hosted by Richard Glover which led to a host of listener calls including ‘Monica’ who exclaimed “Gary Shearston was to folk what Johnny O’Keefe was to rock!”

Moves are now afoot for a new album and national tour in the first half of 2011.

In the meantime, if you haven’t heard Gary Shearston’s latest double album The Best Of All Trades then you are missing out on what Capital News’ Keith Glass describes as‘a document that should finally place Shearston in the pantheon of our greatest song commentators.’

Look and listen out for Gary Shearston in Blarney Bulletin & the 2010 NFF Program.

Dr Peter Mills, Senior Lecturer in Media and Popular Culture at Leeds Metropolitan University in England is also doing an essay on Gary's work later this year.

The Best Of All Trades (RRR46), Here & There, Now & Then – An Anthology of Gary Shearston (RRR41) and Only Love Survives (RRR3) are available at retail through MGM Distribution as well as Folk Trax, Trad & Now and directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

More Information:  Artist Page

The Celebrated Knackers + Knockers Band

In May 2010 Rouseabout will be releasing two restricted triple-R CDs of bawdy songs by The Celebrated Knackers and Knockers Band.

Titled Sing Us Anothery, Dirty As Buggery and Rooted in the Country, the songs on the albums are very politically incorrect - racist, homophobic, sexist and every other taboo - and all collected from Australia’s rugby, bushwalking and rabblerousing past, and an important record of our disappearing colloquial language. These albums are sure to offend, shock (and entertain) whilst saluting our musical past as they represent the first comprehensive collection of Australian bawdy songs and verse.
The CDs are accompanied by scholarly (and hilarious) booklet notes and feature sensational cover art by James P. Gilmour who has also produced two flash cartoons that will be used as part of a viral email campaign.
It has been confirmed that The Celebrated Knackers & Knockers front man Major Bumsore (who bares a striking resemblance to our favourite larrikin Warren Fahey) made a brief cameo at the opening concert of the National Folk Festival in front of 3000 people including the Minister for Arts to rapturous applause!

Major Bumsore also appeared on ABC Radio National’s The Music Show on Saturday April 10.

Look and listen out for The Celebrated Knackers & Knockers Band on ABC Radio, Folk Trax, 5EBI, HotFM106.7 Mildura, the Australian Folklore Network & community radio folk programs nationwide.

More Information:  Artist Page

Russell Morris

Check our gig guide for where you can catch Russell Morris live along with either Brian Cadd or Daryl Cotton and Jim Keays this month.

Tour Dates: See the Gig Guide for dates and venues (top right).

More Information:  Artist Page

Telemetry Orchestra

The T.O’s ‘Under the Cherry Tree’ has been licensed by ABC Music for the upcoming soundtrack album from their ‘Dance Academy’ TV series. The soundtrack includes the likes of Art vs Science, Bertie Blackman & Talons. ‘Wish’ from Children Stay Free (SIL010) was also featured on the series.

‘Cherry Tree’ recently chalked another license in the short film “TollBooth” which has received funding from Film Victoria and is to be screened at Nova Melbourne & ‘Pimlico’ also from their Empire LP is being used by online TV station "Das Cinema".

More Information:  Artist Page


‘Forces’ from CODA’s forthcoming album has been licensed by Hyundai for their latest radio advertising campaign.

 The band is busy in the studio finishing the record which will be released later this year. You can listen to ‘Forces’ on CODA’s artist page...

More Information:  Artist Page

Saints of India

Saints of India’s debut release ‘Mothership’ is an adaptation of the writings of Mother Shipton who was burnt at the stake for practicing witchcraft in 1561. It's amazing how much of what is written has come true and a little chilling if all of it eventually comes to pass!?

dB Magazine’s Ryan Winter writes “It’s not often that a single reveals more than a taste of a band, but I got the distinct impression from ‘Mothership’ that Saints Of India have quite a bit to offer. This song demands that you remember it and it’s almost impossible not to. This is a most promising release which reveals a diversity of talent.”

‘Mothership’ scored ‘Religious Song of the Week’ on Triple J’s Sunday Night Safran upon release and has just been added to Satellite Music Australia. Along with ‘B side’ ‘Weakness’ it has received airplay on 2SER, FBi, 3RRR & 4ZzZ and is being serviced to community radio nationwide this month.

Mothership (YEP013) is available online through iTunes, at retail through MGM Distribution and directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

Curious? Check out Saints’ new and improved MySpace Site courtesy of Milc Studio.

More Information:  Artist Page   |   Artist MySpace


Southend’s classic rave anthem ‘Take Me Up’ has been remixed by UK trance legends Binary Finary, Australia’s still undisputed queen of hard house BeXta and Perth based electronic maestros Projekt Inertia.

BeXta recently played her remix on BAM Radio and the feedback was massive with over 100 listeners emailing to find out where they can buy it. Projekt Inertia’s mix is also receiving rave reviews on their Soundcloud Site.

Well the good news is all three mixes will be available on iTunes later this month.

You can hear Projekt Inertia’s remix in this month’s edition of UCM Radio.

More Information:  Artist Page  |  MySpace

The Lovetones

‘Wintertime In Hollywood’ from The Lovetones Axiom LP is being featured on episode 6 of “I Rock”, an eight part, half-hour dramatic comedy series which charts the path of struggling indie rock outfit, Boy Crazy Stacey, a band trying to take over the world… one disaster at a time. The series includes guest appearances from Tim Rogers, Scott Dooley, Laura Imbuglia & our very own The Lovetones.

ABC Music will also be producing & releasing an album of songs from the series which include the likes of The Mess Hall, Magic Dirt, The Vines, Red Riders and host of other fine local talent.

In more good news, the band led by front man Matt Tow is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to their fifth album due for local release later this year. Artwork is being done by James Marsh who did all the Talk Talk album covers in the 80s & 90s along with illustrations for a few books that came out about The Beatles in the 60's.

The Lovetones four previous studio albums Axiom (YEP009), Dimensions (YEP010), Meditations (YEP008) and Be What You Want (YEP006) are available at retail through MGM Distribution and directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

More Information:  Artist Page

Projekt Inertia & Kym Pitman

AntiPod Music (Undercover Music’s publishing division) has just added electronic act Projekt Inertia and folk singer/songwriter Kym Pitman to its stable.

Perth based Projekt Inertia are set for a bumper six months with international releases through Low Pressings (worldwide), Zero Digital (USA) and locally through Transcom.

Low Pressings will release ‘Bangkok’ with remixes by Ego Valente, Hernan Cerbello, Outsider (aka Dylan Rhymes), Ian O'Donovan and Alex Batiqua in June along with two more singles (‘Fall Away Like Rain’ & ‘Lemonade’) and an album We Believe In Now (available locally through Transcom) before the year is out.

Their track ‘Sunlight’ is out along with remixes through Zero Digital in early July and their tech house reworking of Southend’s ‘Take Me Up’ is being released by Yep! Records later this month.

The band’s musical output is quite prolific. Check out Soundcloud to see why we are so excited about having them on board.

Bellingen based singer/songwriter Kym Pitman has been described by SMH’s Bruce Elder as ‘...a clear and pure voice... rustic and romantic.’ A regular on the folk music festival circuit her album Million Star Hotel is set for an August release on Rouseabout Records. Kym writes songs about Australia and its stunning landscape and sings them with rare beauty.

Listen to the title track on this month’s edition of UCM Radio to hear what we’re talking about.

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Eric Bogle

  1. Friday August 13, The Acoustic Peacock, Willunga, S

Russell Morris

  1. Thursday June 17, Mittagong RSL
  2. Friday June 18, Penrith Panthers
  3. Saturday June 19, Canterbury Hurlstone RSL