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This Month ...

* New 2CD Gary Shearston anthology out July 2007
* CODA new single and tour dates
* Stand Up and Shout! Rouseabout Records and GetUp! join forces
* Fiddlers Feast Tour Dates
* Yesterday's Australia tracks licensed by ABC Music
* Telemetry Orchestra travel on Andrew Farriss' 'Exotic' Adventure
* Radio diggin' Waren Fahey's Diggers


New at Big Pond Music

Undercover Music releases are now available online through BigPond Music

Rouseabout Records

Gary Shearston

Rouseabout Records is proud to announce the July 7 release of Here & There, Now & Then. An Anthology of Gary Shearston.

"...a perfectionist and an original..." (The Sun, London)
"...genuinely spellbound... a marvellous voice ..." (Melody Maker, London)
"...a national treasure..." (Ian McNamara, Australia All Over, ABC Radio)
"...occupies a singular place in Australian music history." (Keith Glass, The Australian)
"Australia's answer to Johnny Cash" (Phil Punch, renowned Australian Producer)

Gary Shearston has been a major influence on the Australian music scene for some five decades. In a society where we are conditioned to take music for granted, as yet another dismissible commodity, Gary's music has stood the biggest test of all - the test of time. This 2CD compilation, containing 42 songs, offers music from those five decades to represent Gary's repertoire and is a tribute to him as a singer, songwriter, free thinker and music stylist. The release features extensive notes written by Edgar Waters, John Baker, Stuart Heather and Gary himself.
The first single from Here & There, Now & Then, Gary's cover of 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' featuring B.J.Cole on pedal steel is being released to radio this month with the help of our good friends at AMRAP and is already receiving national airplay via ABC radio. The anthology was also 5EBI's 'Good Morning Folk' featured CD of last week.
Look and listen out for Gary Shearston on ABC Local Radio, 5EBI, Trad & Now, Capital News & Blarney Bulletin with much more to follow.

For more information:, or visit the artists page.

Stand Up & Shout!
Hard-hitting songs for social change and a new Australia

Protest songs have shown their power to change a generation. Music can puncture our indifference, stir us, unite us around a common course and ultimately inspire us to affect profound political change. Protest songs become a collective call to order. Today, Australians live in a society where asylum seekers have been vilified and detained, where our leaders go to war without due diligence or provocation and where industry is allowed to indiscriminately pollute our planet with millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases, in the bland hope the next generation will somehow find a way to clean it up. Australian politicians need to hear a new, resounding call to order and it is the Australian people who need to issue it!
Rouseabout Records and GetUp! ( have joined forces with the help of some amazing and truly independent Australian artists including The Borderers, Pat Drummond, Mike McLellan, Eric Bogle, Jim Low and Judy Small to put together a CD to help strengthen our collective voice and enhance GetUp's scope to run campaigns on the national issues that call on all of us to act, not just complain or reminisce. All artists have agreed to forgo royalties from sales which Rouseabout will pay directly to GetUp! The album is suitably feisty, appropriately nationalistic and a darned good listening experience. We are excited about this unique CD and its potential of turning a few ears before the Federal Ejection.
Stand Up and Shout! (Hard-hitting songs for social change and a new Australia) is out on Rouseabout Records through MGM Distribution in August.

Fiddlers Feast

Fiddlers Feast are performing at the Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Enmore on June 7th as part of the launch night of the Giving Hand which provides dental and medical assistance to children in rural Australia. Also on the bill are the Party Boys featuring Dave Gleeson, Kevin Borich and Buzz Bidstrup. The FF also performs at the National Celtic Festival (June 8 to 10) at Port Arlington, near Geelong, VIC.

Yesterday's Australia Series

ABC Music has licensed Frank Coughlan's 'Carry Me Back To Old Virginny' (from King of the Trocadero RRH4) and Len Maurice's 'Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? (The Hobo Song)' (from the album of the same name RRH25) for the soundtrack to Romulus, My Father.

More information about Australia's best selling nostalgia range here.

'Diggers' by Warren Fahey

Warren Fahey has been busy in the Bloody Dog Studio with Fiddlers Feast's Gary Steel and Marcus Holden recording a mammoth 6 CD set of bush folklore tunes and poems! So far they've recorded 71 tracks! This is going to be huge - more details as they come to hand. In the meantime, his Diggers (RRH42) compilation, recorded with Mic Conway, which is a unique oral history of the songs that the Australian soldiers sang was very well received by radio in time for Anzac Day especially 2CCR, 2COW, 2EAR, 2GLF, 2LVR, 2WOW, 3CH, 3GGR, 3INR, 3REG, 3RUM, 3UGE, 4BAY, 4BSR, 4SDB, 5GS & 7TFM.

For more information visit or the artists page here.

For more information or to arrange interviews:
Rouseabout Records +61 2 9319 5411
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Diggers (RRH42) is out now through MGM Distributiuon

Finally, Undercover Music video and audio content will now be distributed to Vodafone New Zealand by our good friends at VidZone.

Silent Recordings


'Miss Bliss' the second single from CODA's Calling Mission Mu masterpiece was released to radio last month and has been tearing up alternative airwaves nationwide thanks to the good folk at Triple J. Their show last weekend, co-presented by FBi, at Sydney's Factory Theatre was another massive success and the first chance for fans to hear some new material as well as all of CODA's favourites. CODA head to Brisbane this weekend via Northern NSW, for a show at the Powerhouse. This will be one of your last chances to catch the band before they head back into the studio to record a new vocal based album.

Look and listen out for CODA on, Drum Media, Brag, Channel 31, Triple J, FBi, TUNE! FM and we are hearing rumours about a special appearance on a very popular Sunday afternoon arts program - more details soon!

For more information:, or visit the artist's page.

Calling Mission Mu (SIL015) is available at all good music stores and online at and iTunes.

Telemetry Orchestra

'Shutterspeed' from Children Stay Free has found it's way onto The Exotic Music Travels of Andrew Fariss released on Petrol Records International. The INXS mainstay obviously has great musical taste! Meanwhile this is what Adelaide Independent Weekly had to say about the T.O's latest long playing adventureEmpire, "those wanting a ticket to a mental escape far, far away during lazy afternoons will find the album the perfect vehicle."

Empire (SIL014) and Children Stay Free (SIL010) are both available on Silent Recordings through Vitamin.

For more information:
Artists Page

For more information:
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Silent Recordings are distributed by Vitamin Distribution


Fiddler's Feast

  1. Fri July 20 - Longyard Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
  2. Sat July 21 - Two Rivers Festival, Gunnedah, NSW

For more information:
Fiddler's Feast Website