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This month’s edition of Undercover Radio features songs from the Australian Gold Rush era by Warren Fahey & Luke Webb, music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to AROUND THE BLOCK, more ‘classics’ reinterpreted by Marcus Holden, Eric Bogle, Gary Shearston, Percy Grainger and Joan Sutherland.

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Warren Fahey

Australia's best known cultural historian, folklorist, writer and performer Warren Fahey is a regular on ABC Radio and was featured in a 60 minutes special on Ian MacNamara’s ‘Australia All Over’ on Sunday 17th August talking about his new album with Luke Webb The World Turned Upside-Down which features songs from the 1850s Australian gold rush.

Fahey wanted to show the influence of American Minstrel music on the gold songs and Luke was the right choice - a terrific singer and old-time banjo player. The album also includes the freakish talents of Marcus Holden & Garry Steel and has been getting a lot of attention.

A very impressive collection on songs! It certainly appears a great deal of work has gone into this release. (Raymond Phillips, Country Harvest)

A most impressive choice of material and a fine group of musicians in attendance as expected for one of Warren Fahey’s albums.  Luke Webb is certainly one to watch - lovely voice.  Marcus Holden, how obscenely talented that man is, playing all those instruments, recording and engineering.  'The World Turned Upside-Down' is a fascinating album and I'll be happy to start playing tracks on my program. (Bruce Cameron, Come All Ye, 2MCE)

Damned good! (Tony Bates, 3MDR)

Thank you for sending me this latest CD of Warren Fahey’s. It’s his usual standard and has some great music. (Bob Cady, Highland FM 107.1)

What a great album, will definitely get airplay on my shows. (Tim Kingston, Hobart FM)

I love how this album has been put together. It’s a pleasure to lay back & listen to the stories within the songs. (Tony Slinga’ Slingsby, 5GTR)

If you are interested in Australian music from this era, this is an essential purchase. (Chris Spencer, Trad&Now, July 2014)

WITH our sunburnt land currently being mined extensively, resurrection and collation of songs from Australia's gold rush era could be deemed timely. This album features the formidable multi-instrumental skills of Marcus Holden (fiddle, mandolin, cello, guitar and keyboard) and other of the Sydneysider's regular side players - most notably pianist Garry Steel, whose playing evokes the period beautifully. Vocalist Luke Webb's familiarity with old-time US music helps illustrate the influence of American minstrel ditties on Aussie gold rush songs. Fahey's singing excels in the company of accordion in a brace of bushranger odes relating to Frank Gardiner. A quartet of wordy and sarcastic songs authored by self-styled "colonial minstrel" Charles Thatcher, are also highlights. (Tony Hillier, The Weekend Australian, August 2014)

Warren Fahey has done it again! “The World Turned Upside Down” takes us back to a time that we have only read of in history books. The mind boggles at the amount of time that must have been spent in researching these songs. Fahey deserves a special vote of thanks for keeping this music alive. (Burt Everett, Country Pickin’s)

A fine, entertaining collection of Australian gold rush songs, The World Turned Upside-Down is well worth a listen and more. (Jim Low, Simply Australia)

The album arrived and I am still buried in it. I have always enjoyed Warren’s work – he is our Australian musical historian. (Wally Sparrow, Radio Adelaide)

ALBUM OF THE WEEK (ABC Wide Bay and ABC Capricornia, w/c 25th August 2014)

Always entertaining listening, Warren is available for interviews ( and also recently appeared on ABC Toowoomba/Darling Downs, ABC Wide Bay and ABC Capricornia, 2Bobradio 104.7FM with Carol Lucas, 99.9 Voice FM with Robert Bath and Ron Woods & 2SER’s ‘All Kinds of Country’ with Barbara Morison.

Warren has posted a couple of clips on his YouTube channel.

Check out ‘The World Is Now Turned Upside-Down’ and ‘Look Out Below’

He is also performing about the place having recently played shows in South Australia including Bungaree Bush Camp in Clare Valley before heading to Queensland’s Darling Downs this month.

You can read all about the festival program at

Fahey will also be going on the road in a two man musical play where he will perform the role of Banjo Paterson alongside Max Cullen’s Henry Lawson. ‘Dead Men Talking’ written by the pair sees The Banjo and Henry in the Leviticus Bar & Grill in Heaven and talking (and reciting/singing) about their legacies. Fahey & Cullen will present the play over the next twelve months.

Also over the next twelve months Warren will be performing his tribute to the ANZAC legend in a specially designed concert with powerful screened images. The concert, ideally suited to libraries & service clubs, features songs (many of which are contained on his Diggers album), ditties, poetry and wartime humour and explains their role in maintaining morale in the worst of conditions. You can watch Warren performing ‘My Little Wet Home In A Trench.

Warren is also planning some concerts to promote The World Upside-Down with The State Library of NSW already booking a show for early 2015.

The World Turned Upside Down (RRR63) which includes a 20 page booklet is OUT NOW digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

Look and listen out for The World Turned Upside-Down on ABC Local Radio, 2SER, 2bobradio 104.7fm,, COW FM, KIX FM Kingscote, Bay fm 100.3, 2MCE, Hobart FM, Radio Adelaide, 2NUR, 3MDR, 5GTR 100.1, Radio Port Phillip, ZFM & Power Country Network & Radio16 Homegrown Country, Radio 1629am Newcastle, Highland FM 107.1, 2MAX FM 99.3, Happy FM 90.1, Edge Radio 99.3FM, Country Roads One FM Shepparton, OPus-Music Country Radio (, Illawarra Folk Club Radio, National Community Radio Network Folk Show and in The Weekend Australian, Trad&Now & Country Pickin’s.

Diggers (RRH42) is OUT NOW on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order. It will soon be available digitally through iTunes.

More Information:  Album Page

Marcus Holden

Marcus Holden

“What do you say about an artist who has appeared in over five hundred recordings and plays all bowed string instruments, mandolin, guitar, banjo, piano, qin, cittern, tenor guitar, dobro, and the musical saw?

He also does percussion! I think I hate him” suggests Trad&Now’s John Williams.

He continues … “My favorite track is Handel's 'Allegro in F major'. I am not sure Handel ever expected it to be played in a slightly reggae style but I defy you to listen and not be tapping your feet.

I can’t recommend this CD highly enough. I wish all young people could hear it as an introduction to classical music. I love it.”

Sentiments echoed by 2NUR’s Warren Fuller “Whilst quite outside my comfort zone, I really love this album.”

A great album! (Lorraine Pftizner, 2YOU)

Tune in to SoundCloud or Spotify to find out what all the fuss is about.

In the meantime, look and listen out for Marcus Holden on 90.1 Happy FM, Eastside Radio 89.7, Artsound FM, 2MAX FM 99.3, Bay FM 100.3, 2MCE, 2NUR, Huon FM, Radio Eastern 98.1, EBI FM, Today’s Country 94One, OPus-Music Country Radio, 99.9 Voice FM, Highland FM 107.1, 2Bobradio 104.7FM, ZFM & Power Country Network & Radio16 Homegrown Country, Radio 1629am Newcastle, VOX FM, ONE FM Shepparton, Country Harvest, 5GTR FM, 2SER, 3MDR, 3RPP, ZuidWest FM (Netherlands) and in Trad&Now, Country Update and Country Music Capital News.

Holden’s version of "Song of India" by Rimsky-Korsakov has also been included in Giselle Scales’ in-flight Qantas Concert Hall program this month, and will run for 3 months (from Sept-Nov inclusive).

Cicadas & Roses (RRR62) is OUT now digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

More Information:  Artist Page    |    Artist SoundCloud    |    Artist Spotify

Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle

Twelve times winner of Publisher of the Year, Allen & Unwin, are in the final stage of publishing a book based on Eric Bogle's most recorded song 'And the band played Waltzing Matilda'.

The book will faithfully follow the verses of the song, richly illustrated, and is aimed at the children's market. What a wonderful journey this remarkable song has taken - and continues to travel.

It is all the more important because the song, which both celebrates our ANZAC tradition and decries the necessity of war, is aimed at the youth market. No muddle-headed wombats, no kookaburras up gumtrees, no Magic Pudding, just the reality and futility of war. This is a lesson worth publishing.

The book will also direct readers to Eric's recorded version on Rouseabout Records which is available for download on iTunes.

For more information on Eric Bogle’s releases on Rouseabout Records check out Eric's artist page.

More Information:  Artist Page | Artist Website


Gary Shearston

‘She’s A Classic’ from Gary Shearston’s Renegade album and his 1974 worldwide smash hit cover of ‘I Get A Kick Out of You’ are to be included on Ian MacNamara from Australia All Over’s forthcoming compilation Macca ‘Well I Love It’ CD to be released through ABC Music.

Whilst Gary sadly passed away in July last year, his timeless music will forever leave an incredible legacy.

More Information:  Artist Page

Percy Aldridge Grainger.jpg

Percy Grainger

Percy Grainger was featured in the August edition of Trad&Now who published an article from The Australasian, Saturday 10 February 1906 courtesy of the National Library of Australia.

Check out the full article here.

Percy Grainger’s Pleasant and Delightful (RRH14) is available on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

More Information:  Artist Page

Eric Bogle

Strike Up The Band!

Strike Up The Band! (RRH28) features rare Australian stage musicals from the 1940's with a spectacular cavalcade of operetta and stage stars and includes early recordings of Dame Joan Sutherland, Albert Chappelle, Rita Pauncefort, Alan Coad, Heather Kinnaird, Minnie Love, Majorie Stedford, Strella Wilson and Joan Boots.

Strike Up The Band! was recently featured on ABC Classic FM generating a wonderful response from listeners.

More Information:  Artist Page

Warren Fahey

Around The Block

AROUND THE BLOCK starring Jack Thompson and Golden Globe® and Emmy Award® nominee Christina Ricci was released across North America through distributor Random Media last month.

Pinnacle Films released the film on DVD, Blu-ray and all major Digital platforms locally in July.

Around the Block is available from major retailers including JB HiFi, Big W and Sanity and on digital.

The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack which includes Thundamentals, Horrorshow, Astronomy Class, Tuka, Half Moon Run, Nick Wales and much more was a recent feature album on Radio Goolarri and ABC Classic FM’s Screen Sounds.

Look & listen out for AROUND THE BLOCK on Facebook, YouTube,, Radio Goolarri (6GME), Umeewarra Media, ABC Classic FM, 4ZZZ, 1VFM, 2XX, 2BAB, 2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2BOB, 2CCC, FBiRadio, 2HHH, Koori Radio (2LND), 2MCE, 2MCR, Monaro FM, 2MTM, 2NCR, 2NVR, 2OCB, 2OOO, 2RDJ, 2RRR, Radio Skid Row, 2SEA, 2SER, TUNE! FM 106.9, Triple U FM, Highland FM 107.1, WOW FM 100.7, Gove FM (8EAR), CAAMA Radio (8KIN), Katherine Community Radio (8KTR), Territory FM 104.1, 4BAY, 4BI, 4BVR, 4CCR, 4DDD, Fraser Coast FM 107.5, 92.9 Voice FM, 4K1G - Too Deadly!, 5BBB, Fresh 92.7, 5PBA, ROX FM, Radio Adelaide, Edge Radio 99.3 FM, 7LTN, Tasman FM, 99.9 Voice FM, 3CH, 3CR, Triple H 96.5 FM, JOY 94.9, 3KND - Kool and Deadly, 3MDR, North West FM, 3NRG 99.3FM, 3OCR, PBS FM, Plenty Valley FM 88.6, 3RPC FM, 3RPP, Triple R, Radio Upper Murray, Casey Radio, Smart FM 99.1, SYN Media, Yarra Valley FM 99.1, 3WBC 94.1 Your FM Station, 3ZZZ, WMA FM (Castlemaine District Radio Inc), Wangki Yupurnanupurru Radio, 6KCR FM, Noongar Radio (6NME), Puranyangu-Rangka Kerrem / 6PRK, RTR FM, and Voice of the Avon (6YCR).

Around The Block (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (SIL018) is OUT NOW digitally through iTunes and on limited edition CD directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

More Information:  Album Page

Undercover Music

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