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* SHEARSTON steals hearts at sell-out Sydney show
* Folk community says STAND UP & SHOUT!
* THE LOVETONES 'Labor Returns to Power' Tour Dates
* CODA's Bangkok Bonanza
* TELEMETRY ORCHESTRA MIles Away with Jetstar
* FIDDLERS FEAST Upcoming tour dates
* Warren Fahey's DIGGERS tidbits

All artists in this month's News are featured on UNDERCOVER RADIO, now playing here!

Yep! Records

The Lovetones 'Labor Returns To Power' Tour Dates

Playing in November and December in NSW and the ACT, details in the gig guide. Meanwhile, 'Navigator' the second single from Axiom is at radio now
and receiving airplay on 2SER, Triple J, TUNE! FM, 2BAR, 2COW, 2EAR,
7TAS, 8CCC, Harvey Mainstreet Inc, Smithfield Community Radio.

AXIOM (YEP009) is available through MGM Distribution.

For all the latest The Lovetones info go to myspace or You can listen to songs from their latest studio album Axiom here.

New at Big Pond Music

Undercover Music releases are now available online through BigPond Music

Silent Recordings

CODA Bangkok Bonanza

aving just returned from a stellar performance at Bangkok's 9th
International Festival of Dance and Music that left audiences and
critics in raptures .....

"With a groove-oriented rhythm section overlaid by violin, percussion
and vocals that often soared to an operatic pitch (the band's vocalist
is also an opera singer), Coda skillfully and knowingly used their
instruments to tell tales without words. Their sound was compelling
and atmospheric but far from inaccessible, and while it took you on a
journey, the massive rock drumming and solid riffing kept your head
moving in the here and now. Coda's diverse set, which at moments felt
like the score to an unseen film, benefited greatly from the length of
their songs; at around four minutes each they were perfect, accessible
samples of the group's vision, undiminished by elaboration or
indulgence. In summary, Coda are an extraordinarily original,
creative and talented group who gave a stunning performance, which,
in my opinion, was the best of the evening."
(Luke Dunstan, Bangkok Post)

ARIA nominated CODA has just announced their next round of dates
where they will be performing new material along with all your

Thursday 29th November – Luna Park, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 29th December – Peats Ridge Festival, NSW
Friday 18th January - Factory Theatre, Enmore, NSW (Spirit of Soul

The band then heads to Arthur Boyd's Bundanon to continue work on
their next album due for release in the first half of 2008, before
touring NSW & QLD in late February to March.

For more information:
, MySpace or visit the artist's page.

CODA's ARIA nominated albums Calling Mission Mu (SIL015) and There Is
A Way To Fly (SIL002) plus For Our Animal Friends EP (SIL012) are out
now on Silent Recordings through Vitamin and iTunes.

Telemetry Orchestra Miles Away with Jetstar

Passengers flying Jetstar are enjoying the sounds of T.O thanks to
Petrol Records In-flight music programs. 'Miles Away' from their
Empire LP being a particular favourite.
Empire (SIL014) and Children Stay Free (SIL010) are both available on
Silent Recordings through Vitamin.
For more information: MySpace or their artists page here.


Rouseabout Records

Gary Shearston Steals Hearts At Sell-Out Sydney Show

Gary Shearston's sell-out performance at the Harp Hotel last weekend
was truly something to behold. Rouseabout's Warren Fahey writes .....
I guess this is a fairly biased review of the Gary Shearston concert
at The Harp in November. I should state that I have been associated
with Gary Shearston for nigh on forty years so anything I say has to
be taken with a great dose of personal history. I am also the label
producer for Rouseabout Records so doubly up to my neck in it.
Anyway, here goes.
The Harp is one of those Irish pubs that is more like a local pub
than a 'Shitty O'Kays' or whatever, and has a regular flow of good
music throughout the week. Long-in-the-tooth promoter (I call him the
'Quiet Achiever') programs most of the music. On the 4th it was packed
to the gunnels and looked more like a 'senior's club' outing than a
folk club. There were many serious Gary Shearston fans from the late
fifties and sixties and you could see the flames of recognition in
their faces as soon as Gary came on stage. He didn't disappoint and,
in many ways, gave them far more than most expected, including a
solid two hours on stage plus standing ovation encores.
I first heard Gary way back in the sixties. He was a fairly lone
voice and a very Australian voice at a time when most singers were
performing repertoires with very little Australian reference. Gary
sang blues, broadsides, ballads and original songs and all with an
Australian voice that was immediately recognisable. He was the 'star
performer' at The Troubadour and working most nights flitting from
one club to another, recording albums, researching songs and writing.
At one stage he even had a television series and a few chart hit
songs. Sitting in the Harp in 2007 he sounded just the same as way
back when. He's older but his voice is still his own. If anything he
is better and his vast repertoire, and he only scrapped the sides, is
a treasure-trove of storytelling. He doesn't say too much on stage as
he has always preferred the songs to tell their own stories. In some
ways he is melancholy and one can see how he carries these songs with
him as old mates and comfortable baggage. When he talks of or sings
about Don Henderson, John Baker, Duke Tritton, Richard Brooks or the
other significant contributors to his journey you feel with him,
travel with them.
It is always wonderful to see audiences connect with an artist and
Gary does it through a controlled performance. It was obvious many of
his songs were known to the audience as they quietly sang along to
'Shopping on a Saturday' and 'Irish Girls Will Steal Your Heart
Away'. I sat there thinking about how these songs deserved a much
wider audience - the curse of being a record producer.
There was no preaching but the messages of peace and harmony showered
down upon the audience and were appreciated. He sang songs from his
newly released Rouseabout retrospective double album offering bush
ballads, songs of social change and some whimsy. There were some new
songs too (from Gary's forthcoming album to be released in 2008),
proving that Gary is still a powerful songwriting spirit. He closed
the concert with 'I Get A Kick Out of You', which he and his
guitar-playing accompanist, Dave Hume, gave an unexpected bossa nova
beat that worked a charm.
Gary Shearston has been one of the most significant contributors to
the Australian music story, especially that of folk music. He still
is. In many ways he is a wasted natural resource waiting to be tapped
into. He has retired from his fulltime calling and is ready to perform
at clubs and festivals. I can thoroughly recommend him as a true
Australian voice.

Whilst in Sydney, Gary did in-depth interviews with 2CH's Bob Rogers
and 2GB's Murray Wilton.
Look and listen out for Gary Shearston in Trad & Now, Capital News,
ABC NT, ABC's Saturday Night Country & Weekend Planet, 2BL, SMH,
Shades of Music on 97.1FM with Raymond Phillips, Folk Alliance, &
Bush Music Club's
Here & There, Now & Then (RRR41) is OUT NOW on Rouseabout Records through MGM Distribution
For more information visit: or his artist's page here.

Folk Community say STAND UP & SHOUT!

Stand Up & Shout is a testament to the continuing role of song in
political activism and is a must-have album.
(Trad & Now, October 2007)
This collection of protest songs released to make people think before
they vote has been enjoying good support throughout the folk community
and has recently been featured by Folk Alliance, Folk Australia,
Blarney Bulletin, Northside Folk, Capital News, ICMB, Trad & Now,
SMH, Arena Journal, Folk Trax & 5EBI.
The CD was serviced to community radio nationwide by Amrap and has
enjoyed rotational airplay on 2BAB, 2BAR, 2COW, 2EAR, 2LRR, 2MAX,
2NCR, 2NIM, 2SEA, 2WCR, 2WOW, 3EON, 3RUM, 3SCB, 3UGE, 3WAY, 4BAY, 4BCR, 4BSR, 4SDB, 4ZZZ, 6HFM, 8CCC, Harvey Mainstreet Inc.
STAND UP & SHOUT! (RRR43) is available through MGM Distributiuon.

For more information, click here.

Fiddlers Feast

FIDDLERS FEAST's Upcoming Tour Dates
Fiddlers Feast have had a very busy year. Lot's of touring,
recording, and heaps of fiddling! Just letting you know about the Fiddlers Feast shows at the lovely Tamworth Country Music Festival, January, 2008 Yep, comes around quick, don't it!!!! Let's hope they get some rain, it's been dry up there!
You can print out the flyer, or here are the shows in print
Tuesday 22nd January 2.00pm
Diggers Auditorium, Kable Ave, Tamworth, near the bridge, near the big swimming pool. Bookings (02) 67657588
Wednesday 23rd January 3.00pm
Thursday 24th January 2.30pm
Friday 25th January 8pm (in Cabaret)
Scully Room, Southgate Inn, Kent St, Tamworth across the road from the other pool! Bookings Tamworth Visitors Centre (02) 67675300
Saturday 26th January 1.00pm
Finals of the No-Holds- Barred Fiddle Competition
Regent Theatre, Bridge St, Tamworth. Near the bridge, oppsite side to Diggers, near the big swimming pool. Bookings Regent Theatre (02) 67663162
Don't forget the Golden Fiddle Awards
Thursday January 24th 11.00am
Blazes Auditorium, West Tamworth Leagues Club, Kent St Tamworth
up the road from the other pool. Bookings (02) 67657588
And nominate your favourite fiddlers, see Golden Fiddle Awards for details

'Frenzee' (RRR40) is out now on Rouseabout Records through MGM Distribution.

For more information visit: or if you want to learn the fiddle in Sydney or Melbourne visit Southern Cross Fiddlers.

....and if you're bored

Herb Superb at GMMA's

2007 GLOBAL MARIJUANA MUSIC AWARDS thought you might enjoy checking out these videos on: herb and moreherb

For more information visit or the artists page here.

Potsongs (RRR30) is OUT NOW on Rouseabout Records through MGM is out now through MGM Distributiuon.

Warren Faheys DIGGERS

Songs from Diggers (RRH42) are to be featured in a major exhibition
in 2008 at the Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne and Old Parliament
House then traveling for two years. ABC Hobart will also feature the
CD plus interview Warren Fahey for Armistace Day. Warren has a 30
minute segment on James Valentine's Tuesday afternoon show on 2BL
where he features Rouseabout releases especially from our Yesterday's
Australia's nostalgia series and recently appeared in City Weekly.
Diggers (RRH42) is out now on Rouseabout Records through MGM
For more information:

Finally, Undercover Music video and audio content will now be distributed to Vodafone New Zealand by our good friends at VidZone.


The Lovetones

  1. Friday 30th November – Spectrum, Sydney, NSW w. Dolly Rocker Movement + Pip Branson (Solo) + Starstream
  2. Saturday 1st December -Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT w. Pip Branson (Solo)
  3. Sunday 2nd December – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi, NSW w. The Holidays

For more information:

Fiddlers's Feast

  1. Tuesday 22nd January – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Diggers Auditorium, details below.
  2. Wednesday 23rd January – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Southgate Inn, details below.
  3. Thursday 24th January – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Southgate Inn, details below.
  4. Friday 25th January – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Southgate Inn, details below.
  5. Saturday 26th January – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Regent Theatre, details below.
  6. Thursday January 24th – Tamworth Country Music Festival, Blazes Auditorium, details below.

For more information:


  1. Thursday 29th November – Luna Park, Sydney, NSW
  2. Saturday 29th December – Peats Ridge Festival, NSW
  3. Friday 18th January - Factory Theatre, Enmore, NSW (Spirit of Soul Festival)

For more information: