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Latest News May-June 2013

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This month’s edition of Undercover Radio showcases songs from the new Eric Bogle album ‘A Toss Of The Coin’ as well as Gary Shearston’s The Great Australian Groove which has received some very positive press in the last month. The set begins with a tribute to the late Chrissy Amphlett as she sings Antenna’s perfectly named ‘Divine’ and also features new material from Jim Low & Fiddlers Feast plus a classic from Reg Lindsay.

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Fiddlers Feast

Trad&Now’s Ian Dearden writes in the current issue “Fiddler's Feast is a vehicle to showcase the amazing talents of the extraordinarily gifted fiddler and multi instrumentalist, Marcus Holden. And it does spades. Caravan is literally a whirlwind of an album! Deliciously and wildly eclectic, with everything from traditional, blues, jazz swing and a touch the 'Old rock and roll, this is an album you just can't stop playing.” Check out the full review here.

The suitably tongue-in-cheek video for the madcap single ‘The Devil Went Down To Tamworth’ from Fiddlers Feast’s album ‘Caravan’ is now streaming on Undercover Music’s YouTube Channel.

Look and listen out for Fiddlers Feast on the ABC Local Radio, ABC Radio National, Radio 1629am, Huon FM, 2NCR, Radio Eastern 98.1, Original Country Radio, 5GTR FM 100.1, 2NUR, Hobart FM, Australian Country with John Nutting, ZFM and the Power Country Network, Radio Adelaide, 2SNR, Voice FM 99.9, Bay FM, 5EBI & the Super Radio Network and in Campfire News, Country Music Capital News, Northern Daily Leader, Trad&Now & Country Update Magazine.

Caravan (RRR58) is OUT NOW through MGM Distribution and also directly from Undercover Music via ‘Mail Order’.

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Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle

There’s not much that hasn’t already been written and said about Eric Bogle. His new album A Toss Of The Coin testifies that whilst Eric now confines his touring to Australia and New Zealand, he has not given up song-writing and recording. This album again confirms that he is one of the best and most prolific songwriters of the last several decades.

This album takes a slightly different direction to Eric's most recent recordings in that Eric sings ten of the songs, while John Munro not only contributes two new songs but sings them as well. Of Eric's songs, seven are entirely works by him, one other is a poem to which Eric has written the music, and the remaining two are songwriting contributions by friends. As usual, Eric's songs reflect the times we live in and recent world events.

‘In Flanders Field’ from the album was rush-released to radio last month in time for ANZAC Day and as anticipated was very well received. Bogle explains in the album liner notes“This poem, written by Canadian physician and soldier, Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, is widely regarded as one of the finest poems to come out of the bloody carnage that was WWI. Since it was first published in 1915, many have attempted to put a melody to it. Now it's my turn......”

Look and listen out for Eric Bogle on ABC Local Radio, 2SM Super Radio Network, PBS FM, Radio Adelaide, Tribe FM 91.1, John Nutting’s Australian Country, 99.9 Voice FM, Radio Port Phillip, KIX FM, 90.1 Happy FM, ZFM & Power Country Network, 2NUR, 2NCR, Huon FM, Original Country Radio, Valley FM 89.5, 2 Double X, 2BAB, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2BOB, 2CCC, 2COW, 2EAR, 2HHH, 2MAX, 2MBS, 2MNO, 2MTM, 2NIM, 2NVR, 2OCB, 2PSR, 2RDJ, 2RRR, 2SEA, Tune! FM, Triple U FM, VOX FM, 103.1 Tank FM, Highland FM 107.1, 2WOW, Dungog Community Radio, 2TLC, Gove FM, 8KTR, Territory FM 104.1, Bay FM, Beau FM, 4DDD, 4EB, Fraser Coast FM 107.5, 4GOD, 4K1G – Too Deadly!, 4NAG, 4RIM, 4ZZZ, 5BBB, Three D Radio, 5GTR, 5PBA, ROX FM, 7LTN, 7TAS, 100.7 Highlands FM, KLFM, 3HHH, 96.5 Inner FM, JOY 94.9, 3MDR, 3NOW, 3NRG, 3OCR, Coastal FM, Triple R, 3RUM, Casey Radio 97.7FM, Smart FM 99.1, 3SYN, Alpine Radio 96.5 FM, Yarra Valley FM 99.1, 3ZZZ, 6EBA, KCR FM, Meeka FM, Noongar Radio, 6PKR, RTR FM, York FM, Mike Harding Folk Show (UK), RCF-Haute Normandie Radio (France) and in Trad&Now, Country Music Capital News and Le Cri du Coyote Magazine.

A Toss Of The Coin(RRR61) OUT NOW digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order is sure to satisfy Bogle’s legion of fans both far & wide.

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Jim Low

Jim Low

Across the Blue Mountains is 2013 Australian Bush Laureate Awards finalistJim Low’s second album to be released on Undercover Music’s Rouseabout Records label. The CD contains 18 songs about the Blue Mountains and is being released to help commemorate the region’s Bicentennial, celebrations of which are planned continually for the next 3 years (2013-15) taking in the explorers' crossing, the road building and Macquarie's first use of the road.

The Blue Mountains of New South Wales have been an inspiration for many of Jim’s songs. He has lived there for almost two thirds of his life. Some of these songs are direct responses to the unique beauty and grandeur of the Mountains.

Jim's songs deserve to be heard. They are genuine story songs that have a direct link to this land and this precious culture of ours. - Warren Fahey OAM folklorist, performer, publisher

Jim travels gently, digs out rich nuggets of Australiana, observes them acutely and with compassion, and then puts his historical vignettes to melodies that pass 'the old grey whistle test' with distinction. - Gary Shearston

If you ever see Jim Low’s name on the bill, grab a front row seat and sit down and take a trip back in time with this wonderful journeyman who’s keeping our history alive for future generations... Jim Low could well be one of Australia's greatest unsung musical historians." - Anna Rose, Capital News

You can do exactly that at one of Jim’s upcoming shows - see our gig guide at top of this page.

Look and listen out for Jim Low on Huon FM, 2NCR, Mike Harding Folk Show (UK), RCF-Haute Normandie Radio (France) and in Country Music Capital News and Le Cri du Coyote Magazine.

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Warren Fahey

Yesterday's Australia - Reg Lindsay

Having now raised the necessary funds The Bronze Bust Association has commissioned a bronze statue of the legendary Reg Lindsay to be sculptured. It is planned to unveil Reg’s bronze bust on what would have been his birthday, Sunday, July 7 as part of the Hats Off Country Music Festival in Tamworth.

Reg Lindsay’s bust will be mounted on a marble plinth and erected in Bicentennial Park Tamworth alongside Tex Morton & Shirley Thoms all of whom are featured in Rouseabout Record’s Yesterday’s Australia Series – Australia’s best-selling nostalgia range featuring over twenty titles.

Reg Lindsay’s Down By The Old Slip-Rail (RRH24) is available through MGM Distribution and also directly from Undercover Music via ‘Mail Order’. This outstanding collection captures a very young Reg Lindsay and what an amazing voice he had! Listen to the yodels and how he works his songs. The album includes a Country Hour program plus Lovesick Blues, Baby Doll, I’m a Ladies Man, Way Out There plus some Reg Lindsay originals. Taken from early radio shows and transcripts this is 100% country joy and features notes by John Minson

The album will be released in digital format for the first time in July to coincide with the bronze bust unveiling.

More Information:  Artist Page

Gary Shearston

Gary Shearston

“With its unexpected twists and turns, Gary Shearston's intriguing life story, would make the ideal basis for a riveting movie.

Shearston, a key figure in the folk movement of the 1960's, played numerous gigs, signed to a major label, appeared on TV and had a song covered by Peter, Paul and Mary.

He also braved death threats and missed out on a chance to work in the US due to certain individuals and authorities objecting to his gutsy and heartfelt political activism.

In addition to all this drama he released a chart-topping hit in the UK in 1974, influenced a multitude of Aussie roots musicians and even became an Anglican minister!

Hollywood, are you reading this?

On his latest album, an eighteen-track behemoth called The Great Australian Groove, Shearston shows that the fire still burns in his belly.

The Great Australian Groove is an excellent addition to this legendary Australian musician's catalogue of seminal and influential work.” These are not our words (although we concur unreservedly) but those of Trad & Now’s Graham Blackley.

Jack Humphrys has also penned a fantastic review the album in the latest edition of Australian Options suggesting ‘this album looks deeply and at times wittily at personal and political issues in our culture. As with his three other albums of original songs released this century, Gary Shearston covers the meaning of love/solidarity and the need for equality and a vision for our society. Songs like ‘Frost Across the Tablelands’, ‘Strangers’ and ‘In All Humility’ call for values such as optimism, altruism, sharing the fruits of the land and peace in strong lyrics against the evils of narcissism , racism, greed and extreme nationalism. Check out the full review here.

‘Strangers’ highlighting the plight of new arrivals to our country was aptly featured in a recent Refugee Council of Australia Facebook & Twitter promotion.

Finally Cap News’ Paul Rowe surmises “Shearston has been writing and singing his and other people’s songs for a long time, and he seems to be better with each new release. This is a very well composed, performed and produced CD for lovers of good music.”

Look & Listen out for Gary Shearston on ABC Local Radio & Radio National, Huon FM, 2NCR, Hobart FM, ZFM and the Power Country Network, 5GTR, 3WBC 94.1FM, 2NUR, 104.9 Sunshine Country, 3RPC, Triple U FM, Radio Eastern 98.1, Country Harvest, RCF-Haute Normandie Radio (France), Mike Harding Folk Show (UK), COW FM Casino, 6HVCR and in Trad&Now, Country Music Capital News & Australian Options.

The Great Australian Groove (RRR57) is OUT NOW through MGM Distribution and also directly from Undercover Music via ‘Mail Order’.

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Gary Shearston


Tributes to one of Australia’s most charismatic performers Chrissy Amphlett have flowed thick and fast since her passing.

Hoodoo Gurus head honcho and Antenna member Dave Faulkner summed things up beautifully via

"Chrissie has left an enormous musical and personal legacy and she will be greatly missed around the world, but personally by Rick Grossman who has always been close to Chrissie, beginning with their musical collaboration in The Divinyls. That working partnership grew into an even stronger friendship that has only deepened over the years and Rick has been in constant contact with Chrissie and her devoted partner Charlie throughout their terrible ordeal.

"As for myself, I was lucky to get to work with Chrissie briefly when she sang lead vocals on a song that I helped write for the Antenna album. It is a source of great pride to me that Chrissie would often sing our song many times over the years whenever she performed solo. Chrissie also joined us onstage on a couple of memorable occasions for an off-the-cuff version of The Easybeats classic 'I'll Make You Happy', a song that she put her own unique stamp on when she recorded it with The Divinyls.

"Singer, actor, friend, Chrissie's larger than life personality could never be constrained by the professional limitations other people may have tried to put on her. She was sassy, funny, gorgeous, brilliant and mercurial but always endearing and one of the most compelling performers Australia has ever produced.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say we will always love her.

"Our thoughts are for the many friends and family struggling with the reality of Chrissie's passing, particularly for Charlie who has lost his soul mate and the love of his life. Chrissie's painful struggle is over but Charlie's continues. We wish him love."

The Antenna song in question is perfectly titled ‘Divine’

More Information:  Artist Page

Undercover Music

Undercover Music is very happy to announce a new strategic partnership with US based Seven Seas Music for representation of its catalogue for international licensing opportunities including productions for film, television, advertisements, video games, mobile applications and other commercial activities.


A word from another satisfied Mail Order customer...

“Hi Undercover Music, I received my order. Thank you heaps for your brilliant customer service.”   Bob Russell


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Jim Low

  1. Saturday 25th May, Loaded Dog Folk Club Annandale Sydney (NSW)
  2. Saturday 15th June, Oberon Community Hall (NSW)