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* CODA are Calling Mission Mu with their new album and tour
* Telemetry Orchestra's EMPIRE continues to build
* Fiddler's Feast remain in a Frenzee
* The Lovetones are Inside A Dream with their new single and tour
* Herb Superb wins Best Comedy Song at 2006 GMMA's
* Yesterday's Australia music to feature in John Wren exhibition  

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The Lovetones

The Lovetones are Inside A Dream with their new single and tour
Described by Billboard Magazine as "rising stars" and having returned from a successful European tour with The Brian Jonestown Massacre (There are almost one hundred European tour pics now up at, The Lovetones celebrate with a bunch of Australian shows and a new single Inside A Dream. Exponents of radiant psychadelic pop, their sound is soulful and sincere, with a gentle nod to the pop masters of the sixties whilst never lacking in original vision.

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CODA are Calling Mission Mu with their new album and tour
CODA's musical magic hits its zenith in their new album, Calling Mission Mu, released 18 September on Silent Recordings through Vitamin. Calling Mission Mu is CODA's long-awaited second studio masterpiece, with the hypnotic single 'Rocking Horse' pushing the band into new musical territory. The album features CODA's trademark lush strings, but also incorporates beats and rhythms in the vein of Air, Unkle and Groove Armada.

To coincide with the release of Calling Mission Mu, CODA has announced their next round of tour dates. In September through to November, CODA will tour the east coast with performances in Melbourne, Sydney. Brisbane and the Gold Coast. They will also head to Adelaide as part of the Feast Festival for two concerts presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre. CODA's performances are always uplifting cinematic musical experiences, often enhanced with theatrics, dance and costumes, making them one of the most innovative and visually spectacular music acts nationally and abroad. CODA knocked the socks off Sydney Festival audiences and critics in January, and opened the APRA Classical Music Awards in August.

CODA have made a name for themselves as one of the most intriguing and creative outfits around. Twelve years into their journey, fans of their magical music and incredible live shows have an extra special treat in store with the release of CODA's long-awaited full length album, Calling Mission Mu which will be available at all good music stores via Vitamin and online at and iTunes. CODA will be featured as "Artists of the week" on Australian Music Online w/c 18/9/06. 

CODA also has a new myspace site which has previews of their new material, check it out and be their friend!!!

Telemetry Orchestra

Telemetry Orchestra's EMPIRE continues to build.
Telemetry Orchestra's new album EMPIRE is OUT NOW on Silent Recordings through Vitamin and is earning high praise from critics and fans alike.

EMPIRE has already scored 'Album of the week' on 2SER, 2BOB, AMO & Satellite Music Australia, with numerous tracks (including the first single Under The Cherry Tree) being added to alternative radio A rotation lists nationally. Big thumbs up to the good electro-folk at Triple J, 2SER, FBi, PBS FM, Triple R, TUNE FM & 2BOB especially! The album is also receiving major licensing interest both locally and abroad and is being launched on Friday September 15th at seminal indie night Purple Sneakers in Sydney.

The amazing animated video for Under The Cherry Tree directed by Dael Oates at Animal Logic was released online and to television last week and will soon be available for viewing at here.

In more good news, the T.O will soon announce some live dates for later this year. Meanwhile, Gavin and Charlotte will also perform live on FBi on Sunday evening September 10th.

Look and listen out for the T.O in the following media: Triple J, 2SER, FBi, PBS FM, Triple R, TUNE FM, 2BOB, Rage, SMH Metro, Tsunami Magazine, Drum media, The Brag, Inpress/Zebra, Aus Music Online, Satellite Music Australia, Mess & Noise, Cyclic Defrost, Eleven Magazine, Rolling Stone, Crema Magazine, Rave Magazine, Beat Magazine, Time Off, Rip It Up, Gold Coast Bulletin, Base.Ad, Groupie Magazine, 3D World, 1VFM, 2XX, 2BAR, 2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2CCC, 2MCE, 2MWM, 2NCR, 2NIM, 2NSB, 2NVR, 2RDJ, 2RES, 2RRR, 2UUU, 2VOX, 2WOW, 8CCC, 4BAY, 4BI, 4BSR, 4CRM, 4DDD, 4MET, 4NAG, 4NSA, 4RED, 4ZZZ, 5DDD, 5FBI, 5GTR, Radio Adelaide, 7EDG, 7LTN, 3BBB, 3CH, 3CR, 3GCR, 3HHH, 3HOT, 3JOY, 3MCR, 3MDR, 3NOW, 3PVR, 3RPC, 3RPP, 3SYN, 3UGE, 3WAY. 3YYR, 6RTR, 6YMS - Community radio, putting the bigger boys & girls to shame ...... again!

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Empire by Telemetry Orchestra - purveyors of fine music, is out on Silent Recordings through Vitamin August 14th.

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Fiddler's Feast

Fiddler's Feast heads back to Japan for their fourth visit this month. This time, they're headlining at the inaugural Australia-Japan Fiddle Festival in Osaka and have some gigs lined up in Tokyo. "We were invited to play at Expo in Nagoya last September and can't wait to get back" says Marcus. "We have made many friends over there and always have a great time."

Fiddler's Feast launched their fifth long player Frenzee at The Basement in Sydney last month. The Fiddler's were in top flight after returning from performing at the Festival InterCletique in Lorient, Brittany - the biggest folking festival in Europe which attracts over 700,000 visitors each year.

You can check out tracks from the new album here and on ABC Local Radio's music website Oz Trax.

Look and listen out for Fiddler's Feast in the following media: ABC Local Radio, Magic 693, Country Harvest, All Kinds of Country, Sunday Herald Sun, The Australian Irish Newtwork, Radio Adelaide's 'The Folk Show', PBS FM,, Trad & Now, Country Capers, 3RPP, Highland FM, 4RED, 2RDJ, 2MBS, 5EBI, Shades of Music 88.6 FM Melbourne with Raymond Phillips, 4BAY, 4BCR, 4CRM, 4DDB, 4DDD, 4EB, 4K1G, 4NAG, 4NSA, 4OUR, 4RIM, 4TTT, 4YOU, 5BBB, 5CST, 5DDD, 5EFM, 5GS, 5GTR, 5PBA, 5THE, 5YYY, 7LTN, 7RGY, 7THE, 3BBB, 3CH, 3CR, 3EON, 3HOT, 3MCR, 3MGB, 3NOW, 3PVR, 3RPC, Triple R, 3RUM, 3SCB, 3UGE, 3WBC, 3WYN, 3ZZZ, 6HFM, 6KCR, 6MKA, 6NR, 6RTR, 6TCR, 6YCR, 2UUU, 2VOX, 2VTR, 2WCR, 2WKT, 2WOW, 8CCC, 1ART, 1VFM, 2XX, 2BAR, 2BAY, 2BBB, 2BLU, 2BRW, 2CCC, 2CHR, 2EAR, 2GLF, 2HHH, 2LVR, 2MCE, 2MNO, 2PSR, 2RRR, 2SEA & 2TLC. Fiddler's Feast were also recently featured on ABC National TV's Sunday Arts Program.

Frenzee is out through MGM Distribution August 5th and is also available online at and

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Herb Superb

Herb Superb Wins Best Comedy Artist at 2006 GMMA's
It's official - Herb Superb makes the most hilarious pot music on the planet! Congratulations to Herb, for winning the 2006 Global Marijuana Music Award's Best Comedy Song with One Hundred Cone Billy from his brilliant Potsongs Album. Check out Herb's winning track featured on Keep Rockin' & Rollin' with Herb Superb's Potsongs (RRR30) available through MGM Distribution. Check here for more information on Herb Superb

Yesterday's Australia

Yesterday's Australia music to feature in John Wren exhibition Music from Yesterday's Australia's two International Music Hall releases Boiled Beef & Cabbage (RRH5) & Is 'E An Aussie Is 'E Lizzie? (RRH6) will be featured in a tribute to John Wren. The exhibition, titled John Wren b1871-d1953 Glory, Glory, Glory ambitiously tries to survey his life time achievements in business, racing, boxing, bike racing, pony/trotting tracks, Irish sectarianism in Melbourne, his investment in the theatre, involvement with the Trade Unions and the Labour Party..the list goes on and on. The exhibition will be showing at Champions, Museum of Racing in Melbourne from 5 September 2006 - end of January 2007.

For more information on our entire Yesterday's Australia series, check here.

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  1. Sat 2 Sep - Laycock Street Theatre, North Gosford, NSW, w. The CODApendant Showgirls
  2. Sun 10 Sep - 'Season: Spring' @ The Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo, NSW
  3. Mon 11 Sep - The Tilbury Hotel, Woolloomooloo, NSW (Media Launch)
  4. Tue 12 Sep - Fairfield RSL, NSW w. Carla Werner
  5. Thu 14 Sep - Incubator @ Manning Bar, Sydney University, NSW w. The Red Painting & Gauche
  6. Fri 15 Sep - Oxford Tavern, Wollongong, NSW
  7. Sat 16 Sep - Clarendon Guest House, Katoomba, NSW w. Carla Werner
  8. Sun 17 Sep - Hand Full of Strings @ Newcastle Live Sites, Harbour Square, Newcastle, NSW
  9. Fri 22 Sep - The Soundlounge @ Currumbin RSL, Gold Coast, QLD w. Carla Werner
  10. Sat 23 Sep - The Troubadour, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, QLD w. Carla Werner
  11. Fri 29 Sep - The Armidale Musicians Club, Armidale, NSW, w. Little Red Quartet
  12. Sat 30 Sep - Coorabell Hall, Byron Bay, NSW w. Carla Werner
  13. Sun 1 Oct - Bellingen Art Awards @ Bellingen Memorial Hall, Bellingen, NSW
  14. Sat 7 Oct - East Brunswick Club, East Brunswick, VIC w. Angie Hart (Frente) & Carla Werner
  15. Sun 8 Oct - Garden Music @ Government House, Sydney, NSW w. Labjacd & Tango Saloon
  16. Thu 19 Oct - 'Oktoberfest' @ UNSW, Kensington, NSW
  17. Fri 20 Oct - Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW w. Carla Werner
  18. Sat 21 Oct - Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW w. Jodi Phillis (The Clouds)
  19. Sat 4 Nov - The Water Project @ Parramatta River, Parramatta, NSW
  20. Sun 12 Nov - Newtown Festival, Newtown, NSW
  21. Fri 17 Nov - Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, SA
  22. Sat 18 Nov - Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre, SA
  23. Sat 25 Nov - The Vanguard, Newtown, NSW.m

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Russell Morris

  1. Fri 15 Sept - Logan Diggers, QLD
  2. Sat 16 Sept- Kedron Wavell, QLD
  3. Sun 17 Sept - Helensvale, QLD
  4. Thurs 12 Oct - Benalla Bowls, VIC
  5. Sat 14 Oct - Deneliquin, NSW

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