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The latest edition of Undercover Radio features a new track from CODA along with their remix of Antenna’s classic ‘Come On Spring’, ARIA chart topping Tuka from the soundtrack to Around The Block along with Cathie O’Sullivan, Jim Low, Eric Bogle, Roger Knox, Dead Men Talking, Reg Lindsay & Percy Grainger.

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Warren Fahey and Max Cullen

Dead Men Talking was first brought to the stage in March 2015 and during the year it notched up 40 performances, the majority were ‘house full’ shows. Several venues added an additional show by public demand. The 90 minute play, written by and featuring Max Cullen and Warren Fahey, has proven to be a popular success.

The show will go into recess from October to February allowing Max Cullen to join the cast of King Lear alongside Geoffrey Rush, and Warren Fahey to complete a new book and, in January, undertake a Seaboard lecture cruise from LA to Rarotonga. It will return for touring in 2016.

Dead Men Talking is a must see for fans of Australia’s bush traditions. You can read about the play here and see recent images on Facebook.

The following video – filmed at Humph Hall, 2015 provides a short taste of the play.

The ABC recently screened a segment on the ABC TV News and then a 15 minute ‘Australia Wide’ documentary.

ABC TV News story on Dead Men Talking.

ABC TV story on the ‘Australian Wide’ program by Philippa McDonald.

SMH Spectrum Arts story on Dead Men Talking.

Cover story Australian Senior newspaper

Rouseabout Records has released an album of the show - some poetry, songs and banter. This was mainly to sell at shows however people have been hunting for it and it is now available through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order and digitally through iTunes. It’s heavenly!

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Eric Bogle

Roger Knox

Koori Rose’, ‘Warriors In Chains, & ‘Streets Of Tamworth from Roger Knox’s best of Warriors In Chains are now available on Amrap's AirIt catalogue to registered AirIt Radio Users when they log into AirIt.

This collection of Roger's best is a timeless testament to talent, and the glory that is one man's voice. There be a magic here and here is the manifesto that proves that Roger Knox is a living legend and should be on the Australasian Country Music Roll of Renown sooner than later. (Jon Wolfe, Capital News)

Listen out for Roger Knox on Radio Eastern 98.1 Croydon, Radio 1629am Homegrown Country, COAST FM, Casey Radio, NRG FM, Huon 95.3 & Kingston 98.5 FM, 3RPC 99.3FM Community Radio, Hot FM 106.7, Rainbow FM, 5GTR FM, Gin Gin's Own 104.9FM, Radio Mama 100.5FM, PBAFM, UGFM, Gove FM, 99.9 Voice FM, WOWFM, 101.9 Coast FM & 2MIA 95.1 FM

Rouseabout Records re-issue of Warrior in Chains is available digitally through iTunes and directly from Undercover Music via Mail Order.

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Cathie O'Sullivan

Cathie O'Sullivan

“Iconic, flawless, angelic, entrancing, essential listening” are just some of the adjectives Trad&Now have used to describe Cathie O’Sullivan’s two compilations Down By The Green Bushes and Silly Winds.

Writes Sue Robinson “Down by the Green Bushes features songs that are serious and the mood it evokes is not exactly light-hearted. But within this muted palette, the musical colours are mixed subtly and cleverly, and although the arrangements are traditional, O'Sullivan rings the changes and selects running order to provide plenty of variety.

For example, the track, Barbry Allen, features a live performance, and O'Sullivan's interpretation on this track is, in my view, iconic and flawless.

King of the Fairies/Miss Patterson is instrumental, showing just how the metal-string harp ought to be played.

Leaving is sung against a single note from the viola - three traditional folk arrangements, juxtaposed to give the listener a little variety.

If this CD were a book, it would be a reference work.

It is well done, it contains a lot of information, and it's worth putting on your shelf.”

Graham Blackley goes further in his review of Silly Winds “This generous collection of entrancing songs is fast becoming one of my musical highlights of 2015.

Discovering O'Sullivan feels a lot like striking gold as she and her accomplished accompanists weave an intriguing folk-infused yet eclectic sound that blends the traditional with the progressive and regularly features unexpected twists and turns that excite, challenge and tantalise the unsuspecting listener.

For example, after delivering an angelic and poignant rendition of Foggy Dew O'Sullivan and band roll out the decidedly jazzy and left-field Rain which features a truly explosive instrumental sequence that sonically captures the power and intensity of an emotional maelstrom.

Listening to this track is like reading great literature: you can't help but feel enriched and moved by the experience.

If you appreciate musicians who use folk music as a basis for innovation, exploration and inspiration then Silly Winds will quickly become essential listening.”

Down By The Green Bushes (RRR65) & Silly Winds(RRR66) are OUT NOW digitally through iTunes and on CD directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

Look and listen out for Cathie O’Sullivan in Trad & Now & Simply Australia and on ArtSound FM, ZFM, Power Country Network & Radio1629am Homegrown Country, VOX 106.9FM, Australian Country with John Nutting & 2SM Super Radio Network.

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Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle

Trad&Now ran a feature in their July edition on Eric Bogle’s appearance at the Gallipoli Centenary in April 2015. You can read it here.

Eric is performing at the Mt Compass Supper Club in South Australia on Friday 16th October. He has also announced his first round of dates for 2016 including shows with Ted Egan at the 2016 Tamworth Country Music Festival and performances at Tamar Valley & Port Fairy Folk Festivals

More Information:  Artist Page

Down by the Billabong

Acoustic Guitar Arrangements of Australian Folk Songs and Bush Tunes

Golly, Gosh and Gee Whizz - it's taken a lot longer to arrange this acoustic guitar album but we're now getting closer to sign-off. We have a fantastic collection of tunes and playing.

Down by the Billabong features Dave O’Neill, Marcus Storrock, Daniel Champagne, Jeff Lang, Kate Burke, Michael Fix, Nigel Date, Marcus Holden, Kieran Ryan, John Kane, John Munro, David Hyams & Ian Date playing acoustic guitar instrumentals of traditional bush dance & songs.

The original concept of 'only finger picking' went sideways and we now have some flat-picking and even a couple of guitar and mandolin combos. John Munro even managed to sneak in a wee light snare drum on his dance tune. The most important thing is this album will, for the very first time, showcase Australian folk music and bush dance tunes for guitar.

The Rouseabout Records release of Down by the Billabong (RRR69) will be available on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order and digitally through iTunes in early 2016.

Jim Low


Work on Jim Low’s new album Journey’s End is almost complete with the LP scheduled for a November release.

The late great Gary Shearston whom Jim is a huge admirer of suggests “Jim travels gently, digs out rich nuggets of Australiana, observes them acutely and with compassion, and then puts his historical vignettes to melodies that pass 'the old grey whistle test' with distinction. Go with him on his travels. I think you'll enjoy the journey.”

Journey’s End will be Low’s third album release on Rouseabout Records.

Capital News recently reviewed Jim’s last studio release Across The Blue Mountains with Garry Coxhead declaring “This album is a welcome addition to the collection of Australiana albums that tell the story of the nation, its people, history and environment. Respected Australian folk singer songwriter Jim Low paints pictures in song honouring an ancient fragile land and the history of the region.”

Anna Rose from Capital News adds “Jim Low could well be one of Australia's greatest unsung musical historians.”

More Information:  Artist Page

Jim Low


Country music legend the late Reg Lindsay was elevated to the Mo Award Hall of Fame in a ceremony that was held at the Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club in Sydney, NSW on July28. Michael Hope of Hope Estate Winery presented Reg’s widow Ros with the award, accepting it on behalf of the late country star.

Ros confirmed that there will be a re-release of several of Reg’s albums in the New Year and she is producing the ‘Remembering Reg Standing Tall’ concert for the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The concert is set for Thursday, January 21 at the Tamworth Jockey Club from 1pm and will feature 10 performers including Allan Caswell, Ross McGregor, Bruce McCumstie, Mark Shay, Justin Standley, Bradley Pullen and Michael Pincott who has written Reg Lindsay You’re A Legend in honour. More artists will be confirmed.

In other news, the R & R Homestead at Cessnock is for sale. Ros will be relocating to her ranch in Spring Ridge an hour from Tamworth, NSW where she plans to convert her Bunkhouse into a Reg Lindsay Memory Lane where “folks can come and enjoy looking at many of Reg’s life-long collectibles and awards”. (Source: Country Music Capital News, September 2015)

Reg Lindsay’s Down By The Old Slip-Rail(RRH24) is available on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order and digitally through iTunes.

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Jim Low


Excerpts from two tracks ‘Irish Tune From The County Derry’ & ‘Brigg Fair’ off Percy Grainger’s Pleasant and Delightful album will be featured in a podcast produced by Brendan Ward for the ABC. The podcast is about Percy Grainger’s brief but important relationship with Edvard Grieg, told predominantly in their own words from their letters and diaries. Their music will also be featured.

Pleasant and Delightful(RRH14) is available on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order. The album will also soon be available digitally through iTunes.

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CODA’s long awaited new vocal based album Golden Times will be released in early 2016. It’s been ages since the band has been gigging but they are super keen to get out there again for some shows in the New Year.

You can listen to ‘Churchie’ from the album in the latest edition of Undercover Radio.

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Undercover Music

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Eric Bogle

  1. Thursday 14th January, House Concert (Private), Hobart (TAS)
  2. Friday 15th-Sunday 17th January, Tamar Valley Folk Festival, George Town (TAS)
  3. Wednesday 20th January, Ted Egan & Mates, Frog & Toad (Econo Lodge), Tamworth (NSW)
  4. Thursday 21st January, Ted Egan & Mates, Frog & Toad (Econo Lodge), Tamworth (NSW)
  5. Friday 22nd January, Ted Egan & Mates, Frog & Toad (Econo Lodge), Tamworth (NSW)
  6. Thursday 10th March, Venue TBA,  Warrnambool (VIC)
  7. Friday 11th-Sunday 14th March, Port Fairy Folk Festival (VIC)
  8. Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd May, Robert Burns Festival, Camperdown (VIC)