Ngiya awungarra – I am here, now

Tiwi songs are items of significant Australian musical heritage that we should all be proud of.

Since 2007, Ngarukuruwala (we sing songs), have shared musical ideas to create new versions of old Tiwi songs. In 2009, Tiwi elders visited AIATSIS in Canberra to reclaim recorded Tiwi ethnographic material, collected by anthropologists over the last century. Exploring musical, cultural and emotional intuitions, Ngarukuruwala have created a series of responses to those recordings. Some are spontaneous ideas, others loosely arranged and some are intricately produced. The result is therefore multi-stylistic and truly unique, with the sounds of the Tiwi bush and of the archives threading it all together.

Ngiya awungarra – I am here, now (RRR75) is OUT November 18 digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.


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Marcus Holden
The Brolga

Rouseabout Records is excited to announce the release of Soloist, Composer, Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist Marcus Holden’s new album The Brolga.

The Brolga is the second of Holden’s ‘folked up classics’ albums and features tunes from his childhood, some lingering in the recesses of his mind for years, while others are more recent additions. In some cases, fragments of the original melodies are used to create almost entirely new works.

Like it predecessor, the critically acclaimed Cicadas & Roses, The Brolga features works from Satie, Bach, Rimsky-Korsakov, Bartok and many more re-interpreted by Holden to create approachable, contemporary and interesting sounds - anything from Bluegrass to Bossa with lots of familiar tunes in new settings along with an original composition ‘Trying to Get to Sleep’. 

The Brolga (RRR73) is available digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order. The digital release contains an additional eighteen bonus tracks, twelve of which were composed by Marcus himself.

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Eric Bogle
with John Munro
Voices RRR74

Rouseabout Recordings is proud to have been associated with Eric Bogle since 2002.

In those 14 years Rouseabout has released eight of Eric’s live and studio albums, including collaborations with long-time buddy and touring partner John Munro, plus various compilations including the 5 album box set Singing the Spirit Home.

Voices is another amazing collection of songs - eight from Eric himself, probably one of the greatest songwriters of the past several decades. There are two songs from John Munro, one from Peter Titchener and a song sent to Eric by Simon Wilkins. The album is eagerly awaited from by legions of Bogle fans in Australia and overseas, and will not disappoint.
Voices (RRR74) is OUT NOW digitally through iTunes and on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order.

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It’s been a long time coming from CODA but their new album Golden Times is worth the wait.

This classically trained collective known for consistently transcending musical boundaries with trademark blends of strings, percussion, world and electronica, are set to spin us on our musical minds yet again. Golden Times makes a departure from CODA’s instrumental focus with the addition of several guest vocalists to compliment their cinematic sound including Jane Tyrrell, Jessica O’Donoghue and Jackie Marshall.

Known for oscillating between classical, far-eastern, rock, electronica and beyond, it’s with the assistance of their ensemble vocal cast that these shape-shifters fearlessly achieve musical unpredictability. The title track is an organic string and electro based break up love song with driving pulse yet dreamy instrumentation and nostalgic feelings. Jane Tyrrell [The Herd] guests on the late night downbeat soul of Run To Me, and then there’s Am I A Pony a catchy tongue in cheek art pop featuring the French indie darling Mélanie Pain. Think downbeat electro cool with soaring string and accordion lines. Serge Gainsbourg meets picasso’s french Dada.

Golden Times is out on Silent Recordings through MGM Distribution 1st July 2016.

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Down by the Billabong
Various Artists

Acoustic guitar arrangements of Australian folk songs and bush tunes.

This album is a dream come true for Executive Producer Warren Fahey. For over 40 years he has wanted to produce an album that would inspire young guitar players. It features some of Australia’s finest players John Kane, David Hyams, Kate Burke, Michael Fix, Nigel Date, Marcus Holden, Daniel Champagne, Jeff Lang, Kieran Ryan-Colton, Marcus Sturrock, John Munro, Dave O’Neill and Ian Date.

The album is 80 minutes of pure guitar joy.

Rouseabout Records will release Down by the Billabong (RRR69) on CD through MGM Distribution or directly from Undercover Music via mail order and digitally through iTunes in February 2016.

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